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Monday Morning Motivation

You will discipline yourself or someone or something else, will.

Because we live in a world in which every effect has a cause, you can rest assured that we will be accountable for everything we do or leave undone. Maybe not immediately, but eventually.

Charging insurance companies for care you didn't deliver.
Arriving late and being unprepared for the first patient of the day.
Cash payments that go unreported, becoming spending money.
Making recommendations based on a patient's insurance coverage.
Manipulating patients, justifying it as being in their best interests.

You have countless opportunities to cut corners or otherwise abuse your power and authority. When the suffering comes months or years later it's easy to forget that a cosmic debt is merely being repaid.

Be fastidiously honest, even to a fault. Be impeccable with your word. Keep your promises. Especially when you think no one is watching. Because you are!

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