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Monday Morning Motivation

Are you the most expensive chiropractor, least expensive or have you chosen the riskier option of being priced just about like everyone else in town?

Risky? Absolutely! Imagining that the care you deliver is an interchangeable and standardized commodity and should be priced like everyone else is one way to fade into obscurity.

At least the cheapest chiropractor (not recommended) can appeal to the cost conscious and the illusion that they’ve eliminated the financial barrier. But the insecure bunch in the middle can only claim parity with others equally unsure.

At least the most expensive chiropractor can appeal to those who expect the best and for whom money is not the issue. However, to charge a premium you must have high levels of certainty and extraordinary tableside manners.

Remember, health is something that most will spend only the barest minimum to keep, but will spend their last dime to recover.

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This is an interesting post and one many may not like. Why? Because they're stuck in the middle with the rest of everyone else. I say—make your chiropractic care the best, build a reputation, and then you can adjust the price accordingly. You have a high price without the establishment of your care.

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