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Monday Morning Motivation

Are your reports merely analytical affairs with angles, degrees, phases and the like? While these are important, you could use the occasion of the report of findings to gently lead patients to some new meanings. There are at least two subjects that most patients could use some clarification:

Pain. While unpleasant, most patients think their problem is their pain. (“Can you make the pain go away?”) But pain is rarely a problem. Sadly, most patients are so disconnected their bodies have to practically shout to get their owner’s attention to make a change.

Germs. Most patients are germaphobic. (“Is that clean headrest paper?”) Help patients “get” that germs no more cause disease than baseball bats cause home runs. If they did, like pollen, cat dander and spicy foods, EVERYONE would be allergic.

Remind patients that chiropractic care focuses on the person with the problem, not the problem in the person.

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The Anchored Mind

Are you anchored?My heart goes out to the increasing number of chiropractors who find themselves struggling in practice. It can't help but remind me of the insightful question posed by B. J. Palmer: "Who can anchor to an unanchored mind?" I'm convinced that a lack of anchoring is present among chiropractors who are experiencing difficulty.

While tempting to blame the economy, the unsettled election or the other usual suspects, I'm more certain than ever that it is the worldview held by the chiropractor that is the more likely culprit.

In other words, chiropractors who are the busiest these days (and there are more of them than you think) hold a different set of beliefs and hold them with greater certainty than those who are struggling.

If that's true, and you have the desire to help more people, you'd want to know the beliefs of the busiest chiropractors. Here are some of them.

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Monday Morning Motivation

Are you the most expensive chiropractor, least expensive or have you chosen the riskier option of being priced just about like everyone else in town?

Risky? Absolutely! Imagining that the care you deliver is an interchangeable and standardized commodity and should be priced like everyone else is one way to fade into obscurity.

At least the cheapest chiropractor (not recommended) can appeal to the cost conscious and the illusion that they’ve eliminated the financial barrier. But the insecure bunch in the middle can only claim parity with others equally unsure.

At least the most expensive chiropractor can appeal to those who expect the best and for whom money is not the issue. However, to charge a premium you must have high levels of certainty and extraordinary tableside manners.

Remember, health is something that most will spend only the barest minimum to keep, but will spend their last dime to recover.

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Monday Morning Motivation

There's no place to get to. You're already there!

You've probably heard, "It's the journey, not the destination." Do you believe it? Then why all the fuss? A few reminders:

Slow down. Drive the speed limit. Start sooner. In fact, get there early and practice some of the tips below.

Breathe. Shallow breathing won't do. Expand your lungs to their fullest. Try it now. Feel the tingling? That's called being fully alive.

Chew more slowly. Learn more about the slow food movement. Discover what food really tastes like. You should, because after all, you're asking it to become part of you!

Notice. Don't just see, but observe. Don't just hear, but listen. Only when you slow down can you pick up the subtle nuances of shadows and sounds.

Become present. Living in the future is a dangerous choice. It accelerates aging and you miss the gift we call the present.

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The Cost of Being a Chameleon

Are you cameleon?Due to the incorrect notion that being liked will expand one’s practice, many chiropractors find their practices hobbled by their attempts to show up in ways they think others will find attractive.

Granted, there are social conventions that enhance the interaction with others, particularly in a professional relationship. But what I wish to explore here is far more personal. This is where the chiropractor has formed the habit of not showing up as themselves and instead, closely monitors the patient (or others they interact with) and conforms themselves to what they imagine will be a more acceptable version of themselves.

Remember going on a dinner date with someone you wanted to impress and being hyperconscious of every word, every use of your fork and every opinion you expressed?

Imagine doing that all day, every day for your entire life! If you have these tendencies, not only are you likely compromising your patient care, you’re reducing the number of people you can help.

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Monday Morning Motivation

What was your most recent error, mistake, screw-up or blunder?

Can’t remember? Then there’s a good chance you aren’t taking enough risks these days. Ironically, playing it safe may be the more dangerous path. Playing defense, trying to run out the clock, waiting for greater clarity, is a strategy for mediocrity.

Instead, decide on a course of action. Decide, coming from the root word meaning to “cut off from.” And then act boldly. Confidently. Whether it be a remodel, fee change, procedure modification or asking someone on your team to contribute elsewhere. The key thing is to be in action.

Make a decision and then make it the right one by urging it along. Abandon your inclination to have a Plan B. Cut off your escape route. Become fully invested and watch your team rally ‘round and support you.

It’s called leadership. Leader. Ship. Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!

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Friends or Friendly?

Friends or friendly?Take a hard look at chiropractic practices that have plateaued or have never gotten out of second gear and you'll often discover a chiropractor who gets his or her social needs met from patients. This is one of those guilty pleasures; a luxury actually, that costs the practitioner dearly. Instead of addressing this boundary issue, energy is spent pursuing other, far less significant practice shortcomings that can produce far lesser gains.

Fraternizing with patients is so common within the chiropractic profession, eliminating it rarely makes it on the "To Do" list of procedures designed to expand a struggling practice. Which is fascinating since it's one of the more obvious distinctions of high performing practices.

Ready to bump it up a notch? Then explore the complicated social tango that goes on between a patient and a chiropractor during a typical office visit.

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Monday Morning Motivation

For every weakness, we have a strength. For every shortcoming we have a strong suit. For every zig we have a zag.

Whether a zig or a zag, a subluxation is just the body’s gorgeous, creative attempt to accommodate its environment. Making subluxations bad, or considering them the enemy, is egotistical madness. You might as well be against the darkness of night or the chill of winter.

Instead of subluxation, would you prefer a narrower range of adaptability? A life devoid of any type of stress? Immediate death?

Help patients understand that subluxations are a stress response and survival mechanism. While a brilliant short-term strategy, if not resolved, long-standing subluxations can often lead to other problems. Just as ignoring squeaky brakes can lead to a far more expensive repair bill later.

Recognize that many patients must endure expensive repairs before seeing the wisdom of prevention. Be patient with patients.

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Dear Bill

Dear Bill

Q: I've been reading your book Connecting The Dots and have been really enjoying it. One of the practice challenges that I am quite interested in are pre-paid plans. It appears from your writings that there are some aspects of pre-paid plans that you support and others that you are against. I began a coaching relationship recently and the coach does encourage pre-paid plans of varying degrees of commitment. My question is: How does a chiropractor offer pre-paid packages to patients/practice members to commit to care while continuing to honor the patient?

Confused in Minnesota

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