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Monday Morning Motivation

What we give energy to grows.

We sometimes forget this when our business is down and we focus on the lack we seem to be experiencing. Becoming obsessed with the gaping holes in the appointment book. Being extraordinarily sensitive to patients who miss. Burdened by our bills.

Instead of giving thought and energy to what we need (such as more new patients, increased collections, etc.), which are all symptoms, focus on the underlying cause which produce the effects you want: service.

Brainstorm ways you can be of greater service to those who show up. Conceptualize ways you can serve others you haven't even met. Identify those already providing a wanted service and find ways to contribute.

Serve. It may or may not be through your adjustments. It may not be in your practice. It may not be from your formal training. But unabashedly serve. As you do, new opportunities arise.

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Monday Morning Motivation

Inactive patients still think of you as their chiropractor.

Instead of cultivating them during the dormant phase of their care, far too many chiropractors seek entirely new spines to conquer. This is shortsighted, indulgent and overlooks three simple truths:

1. People prefer to do business with people they know.

2. Patients who discontinue care as soon as they feel better invite a relapse.

3. Repeat business is the basis for all successful service businesses.

The time to attend to these patients is NOT when your numbers are down. (They can tell your motive for your "out-of-the-blue" interest serves you, not them.) Instead, create an annual plan and systematically send a series of emails, postcards, newsletters and birthday cards to patients you'd like to see return.

For a couple of dollars a year you can create high levels of top-of-mind awareness and develop your "tribe," resulting in long-term reactivations and referrals.

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Should Chiropractic Remain Drug-Free?

Do drugs and chiropractic mix?
"If the chiropractic scope of practice were broadened, chiropractors would be more successful."

"If the chiropractic scope of practice were broadened, patients would be better served."

If either one of these statements were true, I’d lead the parade to the statehouse to amend the practice act laws. But neither is.

This past weekend I sat in on a one-hour presentation by a proponent of broadening the chiropractic scope of practice in Colorado to include prescription rights. I heard firsthand the flimsy arguments for doing so. There were seven of them. Allow me to refute each one.

Thankfully, it's an easy task.

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Monday Morning Motivation

How much risk can you tolerate?

Whether it's financial, emotional or intellectual risk, when you take on opportunities that scare you, you create something valuable. Because it's scarce.

If trusting symptoms is a poor judge of one's health, then so too is trusting the symptom of fear that emerges when contemplating doing something difficult, different or courageous.

How about public speaking? It's one of the most powerful skills you could deploy to grow your practice. Most chiropractors can list many other things they could do that would grow their practice. But they aren't doing them. Too much social, emotional or psychological risk.

This week, take on something risky; perhaps a difficult conversation you've put off, a move toward a cash practice, learning a computer program, scheduling a patient lecture or something else that is emotionally unsettling. Your practice will grow only as you do. It doesn't happen any other way.

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Roger Bannister and the 4-Minute…

4-minutesFor years it was generally accepted that the four-minute mile was unassailable. Then, along comes Roger Bannister who breaks the record in 1954. With the barrier broken, suddenly an avalanche of sprinters was able to run the mile faster than four minutes. In fact, within three years after Bannister's achievement, 16 different runners had logged sub-4-minute miles. Today, the world record is a blistering 3:43.13.

More favorable winds? A new running shoe? Performance enhancing drugs?

No. No. And no.

In fact, something much more significant occurred. Something that is the access point for taking your practice to greater patient service and success.

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Monday Morning Motivation

The busiest, most successful chiropractors are willing do what others won't.

They get to the practice long before the first patient. They hold regular team meetings (even when they think there isn't anything to talk about). They keep impeccable notes. They follow time-test procedures. They have greater presence when they are with patients. They are better listeners. They market their practice even when they don't need patients. They call every patient after the first adjustment. They rigorously conduct progress examinations. They send birthday cards and thank you notes. They are interested in patients as people, not just spines. They have crystal clear boundaries, which they fastidiously honor. They care, but they don't care too much. They walk the talk, getting regularly adjusted themselves.

You've heard these observations before. Yet, some are still looking for a shortcut or "secret" to success. So here it is: there is no secret. See above.

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