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Monday Morning Motivation

Chiropractic is attractive because it’s affordable and cost effective.

Go back 50 years or more and many people saw their chiropractor as their “primary care” doctor. Entire families would regularly crowd into adjusting rooms to have their nervous systems checked so they could stay well rather than get well.

These days, our burdensome, so-called “health care system” is based on treating symptoms after they emerge. Which is always more expensive and less effective than preventive measures, whether one is maintaining their car, their weight or their relationships.

Actually, many people get this already. It’s a mindset that is revealed by many types of behaviors. They’re likely to be teeth flossers, joggers, organic food purchasers, supplement takers, savings account contributors, recyclers, composters, midwife users and the like. They are driving past your practice every day. But they probably think you’re merely a back doctor who treats symptoms after they emerge. Oops!

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What If My Chiropractor Is Right?

plumber.jpgOne reason chiropractic care is not embraced by some patients as a long-term lifestyle adjunct is because many would rather avoid the responsibility that chiropractic imposes on patients accustomed to delegating their health to drugs and doctors.

Let’s talk about your plumber. Follow me here.

When you have a plumbing, electrical or roofing problem, you want the licensed professional you hire to take on your problem and assume responsibility for getting things turned around. Which you can actually agree to do when you’re dealing with an inanimate system such as plumbing, electrical circuits or the structural integrity of a roof. But not so with the human body. And herein lies the rub.

The responsibility for one’s health is not something that can be given away, delegated or assumed by another.

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Monday Morning Motivation

Chiropractic is attractive because it's stood the test of time.

Many forget that "modern" medicine is relatively new. Many of its most popular (and profitable) drugs and procedures are often the subject of recalls, unintended adverse reactions or rushed to market with success rates that barely exceed that of cheaper, side-effect-free placebos.

This is in sharp contrast with the scrutiny, longevity and proven history of the discipline of chiropractic.

For over a century, chiropractic care has been pressed into service to revive the self-healing capacity of those who have exhibited virtually every named and unnamed disease or health condition. And while chiropractic care is NOT a treatment of any ailment or illness, it has never been the subject of a recall or even warning label.

While the limitation of matter or other constraint may prevent the wished-for outcome, reviving one's ability to self heal will never go out of style.

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Dear Bill

Q: I got this feedback from one of my first patients five years ago. She’s a very successful real-estate agent who's been in the area for decades and knows a lot of people. You stress the importance of continual patient education. There's no disagreement from me. However, this lady told me recently that the only negative thing she's ever heard about me is that I educate too much. "I don't want to be educated, I just want to be cracked!" is what people are telling her. What’s going on?

A: I suppose there are worse reputations you could have, but nevertheless, this one isn’t especially helpful if you want to enhance the referral process.

Seems to me there might be a couple of things worth exploring. The most significant is that you probably haven’t been educating them!

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Monday Morning Motivation

Chiropractic is attractive because it works when traditional methods fail.

Many forget or take for granted the highly-targeted and personalized nature of chiropractic care. That's because, rather than focusing on the condition in the person, chiropractic targets the person with the condition. It's a revolutionary point of view with far-reaching implications that have permitted millions to regain their health after exhausting the limitations of conventional symptom treating.

Sadly, many chiropractic patients are never acquainted with this profound yet simple truth. Instead, they think their chiropractor is treating their headaches, with adjustments metered out like the dosage of more familiar drug therapy.

Overlook this and while you may bask in glory when their symptoms resolve, you are rightfully blamed when they don't.

Remember, chiropractic ONLY works when patients have the desire, resources and capacity to self heal, independent of your technique, procedure or philosophy. It has never happened any other way.

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What I'm Reading

breaking-habit-bookI was first introduced to Dr. Joe Dispenza from his appearance in What the Bleep Do We Know. So I was intrigued when I picked up a copy of his latest book, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself. It didn't disappoint. Any chiropractor who has explored N.E.T., Network Spinal Analysis, A.K. and other mind/body techniques will find some of these familiar principles sprinkled throughout the book. However, this is for the layperson who is not likely to be acquainted with neuropeptides, quantum states, types of brain waves and methods for creating new habits. Joe signed my copy prior to his talk at the WAVE earlier this month!


Monday Morning Motivation

Chiropractic is attractive because it's simple.

By the second quarter in chiropractic college, many chiropractors have lost the simple elegance and minimalism of chiropractic. Obfuscated by technique, practice procedures, physiology and beneath layers of dogma and seminar rhetoric, many chiropractors emerge later as spinal therapists, medical doctor wannabes, patient pleasers or just confused.

The principles of chiropractic often take a backseat to the practice of chiropractic and the "how" of practice often eclipses the "why." In the process, patients rarely learn that their nervous system controls the whole show and reviving their ability to self heal, mediated by the nervous system is the focus of chiropractic care—not pain relief, posture restoration or even treating subluxations.

Obviously, this creates a major communication challenge. This week, resolve to tell the truth. And do it simply. Because as Einstein observed, "If you can't explain something simply, you don't understand it well enough."

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Dating, Marriage and Divorce

dating or marriageThe patient arrives seeking relief. Not cervical curve restoration. Not equal weight distribution. Not better disc spacing. Not better posture. Not even better health. She wants relief. And make it snappy. With as little impact on her limited financial resources as possible.

Meanwhile, you'd like to spawn a cash-paying wellness patient who brings her family in for a lifetime of chiropractic care because she gets the "big idea."

The patient wants to date. You have designs on getting married. The patient is cautious. You're dreamy-eyed about a house with a white picket fence, children and happily ever after.

Any objective onlooker could surmise that these divergent, almost opposing motives are destined to create a myriad of challenges, misunderstandings and frustrations. Thankfully, there is a solution.

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