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Monday Morning Motivation

How long can you persevere, doing something new, without the gratification of seeing results?

Take heart in the fact that there is always a lag between when you “do” some new procedure or adopt a new way of being, and when you “have” the fruits of your efforts. The lag is actually there to protect us. Imagine the problems that would arise if every thought that entered your mind immediately manifested!

Moreover, the lag is designed to test your resolve. And your faith. This is just one reason why using someone else’s scripting rarely produces the results that its author experiences. It’s why I’m leery of “shortcuts” and the “fake-it-till-you-make-it” crowd who think going through the motions will produce the necessary change of heart. That’s outside in thinking.

Instead, remain steadfast, holding every thought captive. It is through the inside-out process of renewing of your mind that authentic, lasting change manifests.

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Michael Soucy, D.C.:

Your post reminded me of this Taoist quote:

The wise man, then, when he must govern, knows how to do nothing. Letting things alone, he rests in his original nature. He who will govern will respect the governed no more than he respects himself. If he loves his own person enough to let it rest in its original truth, he will govern others without hurting them. Let him keep the deep drives in his own guts from going into action. Let him keep still, not looking, not hearing. Let him sit like a corpse, with the Dragon power alive all around him. In complete silence, his voice will be like thunder. His movements will be invisible, like those of a Spirit, but the powers of heaven will go with them. Unconcerned, doing nothing. He will see all things grow ripe around him. Where will he find time to govern?

Chuang Tzu

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