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Monday Morning Motivation

We exhaust enormous resources attempting to avoid mistakes, errors and blunders. Some become so fixated by this they become paralyzed into inaction.

Yet, our missteps are much like fingerprints, creating a unique signature of who we are and what we've learned. They can make us wise.

What most overlook is that our missteps are the basis of true education. Especially if the lesson is painful or expensive. In an attempt to spare patients unnecessary suffering or a needless relapse, you may be inclined to preclude a meaningful lesson that, in the long run, would better accomplish your intent. In fact, some patients will view your over concern as unwanted parental micro-managing!

As a professional caregiver, you'll want to care, but not care too much. Create a safe place so patients can fail without shame or guilt and learn the lesson of repeated relapses and the value of ongoing supportive care.

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Powerful stuff Bill. Like you said, when you create a 'safe place to fail' - everyone wins.

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