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Monday Morning Motivation

You find yourself in front of 100 potential new patients. You can say anything you want for as long as you wish.


Are you prepared? Have you actually explained chiropractic often enough to know the key points to share? Remember, "Success always favors the prepared mind." If you want greater success it's vital that you're ready.

"But I'd never find myself in front of 100 potential new patients," you may be thinking with a hint of relief.

Seems many chiropractors would rather die than get in front of an audience. Who would be looking. Waiting. Judging. Yet, open to a natural approach to better health called chiropractic.

Are your self-limiting beliefs the obstacle standing in the way of your next level of achievement? Is it really the economy or is it you? Are you playing small because it's safe?

Simply tell the story. Where else will they hear it?

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Monday Morning Motivation

What's the greatest risk you've taken?

Our relationship with risk is one of the defining aspects of our lives. What seems like a gamble of one person is a walk in the park for someone else. But is the imagined "safe path" actually all that safe?

It boils down to this: Do you see yourself living in a benevolent world that is supportive, or do you see this as a malevolent world, which is hazardous and threatening?

The answer begins to explain the popularity of the fast food chains, vaccinations and anything else that seems to appeal to a mindless herd mentality.

Sure, the supposed "safe path" may get you through life with the fewest bruises and scars, but what kind of life is it? Toeing the line? Coloring inside the lines? Coming to the end with regret, could-haves and should-haves?

Take bigger risks. Not doing so is far riskier!

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“I can always find something to bill an insurance company for…”

drx.jpgThis is an all too common belief held by many chiropractors who are naive, lazy or inclined to steal. Naturally, this lack of integrity creates far more problems in the long run than it solves in the short term.

Chiropractors who see a patient’s insurance policy as some sort of entitlement are probably the worse abusers. Either they don’t know how insurance policies work, or do, and choose to blur the boundaries for their personal gain.

In case you didn’t know, the purpose of a health insurance policy is NOT to insure the patient’s health!

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Monday Morning Motivation

Someday you'll feel alone and discouraged. Or depressed and hopeless. What will make matters worse is that those around you won't share these feelings. In fact, their apparent happiness will make your feelings of separation worse.

This is a common human condition and there are several strategies for escaping it. I have used all of them to ameliorate my own episodes:

Vigorous exercise. I used jogging (because it was inexpensive) and found that the endorphin high lasted long enough to move beyond my personal pity party.

Serve others. The surest way to escape is to serve. And it may not be through chiropractic. Volunteer your time. Community service. Soup kitchen. The possibilities are endless.

Pray. Feelings of separation, depression and the like are often signs of spiritual oppression. It's a common scheme of the enemy. Rebuke the spirits of darkness and create a clearing by inviting in the Holy Spirit.

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Five Arguments Against Adding Drugs to Chiropractic

The real thingNow that the dust has settled from the New Mexico attempt that would have allowed chiropractors to prescribe drugs and possibly perform surgery, it might be helpful to remind ourselves as to why this was, and is, such a bad idea. An idea that some, emboldened by last year’s close call in the Land of Enchantment, seem inclined to bring to other legislatures near you.

I’m guessing that when you see Minute Maid juice, you don’t think of apple juice. And when you think of BIC Pens you probably don’t imagine BIC pantyhose. (Yes, they tried that!) Or how about a Harley Davidson cake decorating kit? Or Lifesaver gum? Or Coca-Cola chap stick?

In marketing parlance these unsuccessful (and expensive) hallucinations are called line extensions. They rarely work. Yet a handful of chiropractors are trying to pull off something similar with the addition of drugs to the chiropractic scope of practice!

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Monday Morning Motivation

Happiness is choice. Since you know the truth about health, you should be the happiest person patient's encounter.

It's risky surrendering your happiness to circumstances. Yet, many of us do. Which can reduce happiness to one of those exceedingly-rare-winning-the-lottery-predicting-the-future kinds of experiences. In other words we don't enjoy the frequency of happy episodes we deserve.

Want more happiness? Begin by identifying the circumstances that make you happy. Write it down. Simple, yet few attend to this important matter.

It may surprise you to learn that there are many people who have tried to make you happy. But through the difficult process of reverse engineering, they have been less than successful in finding the winning combination. They would appreciate a couple of clues. Share them.

Then, be prepared for unexpected joy and some occasional bliss. Which start by first choosing to be happy. Oh, and be sure to tell your face!

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Monday Morning Motivation

Sell everything you have and give it to the poor.

Sound like a good idea? Great. Then clearly you aren't attached to your things. Good for you. Yet, many people are. In fact, many define who they are by what they own. Car. House. Children's achievements. Education. Trophy spouse. Etc.

It may be convenient, but it's almost always inaccurate. You are not your stuff.

Instead, you are all the decision you've made up until now. You made them. Not your car. Not your spouse. You. The good decisions and not so good decisions.

And while we don't get a do-over, we can almost always choose to make better choices in the future. In fact, as we age, almost all of us do.

Next time you have to decide, do so by holding it up to the yardstick of eternity. You know, infinite. Then decide. Bet you find it much easier.

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