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Monday Morning Motivation

Remember, you have little control over how patients respond to your application of energy at opportune times and places along their spine. Imagining that you do, suggests that you see yourself as the hero instead of the patient's ability to self heal.

Consider this a respectful reminder that despite what patients think, you and your adjustments don't do the healing. You're not the hero, the patient is. If they... up to receive their adjustments. up consistently to create a momentum for healing.
...have the resources and potential to heal.
...have the desire and intention to heal.
...have the patience to follow through long enough.

Turns out your job, while very important, is actually more of a supporting role. Yet, most patients are quick to give you the credit. Don't fall for it. Remind them that they're the hero. It's far more accurate of them and attractive of you.

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Have You Been Skinny Dipping?

Just wondering. Have you been skinny dipping?"It’s the economy, stupid" was the catch phrase used by Bill Clinton’s political campaign preventing George H. W. Bush from enjoying a second term. A similar economic theme was used by Ronald Regan (“Are you better off today than you were four years ago?”) to unseat Jimmie Carter. I’m guessing the economy is likely to play a role in next year’s presidential election also.

Which begs the question. Has the recent economic developments caused your practice to take a downturn?

I had almost completed my four-hour speaking gig at the Missouri State Chiropractors Association Saturday night when the subject of the economy came up. Apparently, some in the room were of the belief that the economic downturn was responsible for the challenges they were facing in practice. That, combined with an earlier whining from a chiropractor who felt victimized by Medicare, prompted a rant that I’ll attempt to present more constructively and with greater self-control.

Spoiler alert: if you’re allergic to the truth or prefer being a self-righteous victim please don’t read any further.

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Monday Morning Motivation

It was Michael Corleone in The Godfather II who repeated his father’s admonition, “Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer.”

Who is your enemy?

Some think it’s the medical profession. Or the pharmaceutical industry. Or the other chiropractor down the street. While these may be competitors vying for the same patients, they are not your enemy. Your enemy is actually the ignorance about, and the disconnection from their own bodies, that plague the vast majority of people in your community. That’s your enemy—a formidable foe.

How many times have you or a team member wondered aloud, “How do people live without chiropractic care?”

Easy. When you’re disconnected from your body, taking a pill to fool it into not sensing pain seems perfectly normal. When you’re disconnected from your body, you’re oblivious to the early warning signs that something is amiss.

Want to grow your practice? Start here.

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Monday Morning Motivation

When a patient has a health issue necessitating a visit to a chiropractor, it's often a time of confusion (why won't this resolve?), of uncertainty (can it help?) and disorientation (this is all new to me). Patients want to meet a doctor and staff projecting unshakable certainty, total confidence and an unwavering belief that help (and hope) is on the way.

If you have the habit sizing up the patient, attempting to detect their availability or acceptance for this or that; wetting your finger and putting it to the proverbial wind, you're not the "anchor" patients secretly crave. Instead, the collaboration you were hoping to create is seen as apprehension, tentativeness or timidity. Unhelpful, to say the least.

Go boldly and confidently. Most patients want to be led. But that's not being parental or manipulative! Assume a "this-is-how-we-do-it-here" matter of factness. Notice how quickly they want to get on board.

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Merry Christmas!

Are your Decembers busy?It’s that time of year again. Actually it starts even before Halloween when store decorations featuring ghosts, goblins and witches are often fighting for attention from the Jingle Bells, Santa’s and nativity scenes.

This post isn’t about rising above political correctness to wish others “Merry Christmas!” This is about your practice and whether December is among its busiest month or slowest. Which is it?

If you think talking about the birth of the savior of the world is controversial, read on. Some may find the following observations about chiropractic in December even more contentious!

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Monday Morning Motivation

This week, review the low points and highlights of this past year and set some goals for the next.

Create some journal entries by addressing answers to some of these questions: What was the most significant decision I made during the last year? What new habit or skill have I acquired? How is the world different because of my contributions?

While these questions may be convicting, you have the opportunity to turn things around by living more mindfully in the year ahead:

What is the greatest risk you intend to take? What self-limiting belief do you plan to give up? What difficult conversation (that you've avoided) are you prepared to have? What personal boundary (that you've compromised) are you going to enforce? Who do you need to thank or acknowledge that you've neglected? What will you delegate that you've selfishly kept for yourself?

Resolve to make 2012 your best ever.

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