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Monday Morning Motivation

Do you make practice about you?

A common symptom of this sort of professional selfishness is when you think your problems are larger than the problems of those who consult you. If this shows up, the end is near.

Why? Because patients are unusually skilled at deciphering self-serving motives. They can tell when you’re X-raying their pocketbook. Or manipulating them with guilt. Or deploying scare tactics. Or using inauthentic scripting. Or hijacking their responsibility. Or abusing your social authority.

Get your heart right.

Your needs will be met only as you meet the needs of others. Put the problems of others first, and your problems will resolve. This principle always works and it always works in that order. (Usually, with a faith-testing lag between giving and receiving.) Oh, you may get away with reversing cause and effect for a season, but it’s unsustainable and often comes at a high price.

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Hi Bill
This is a wonderful statement. The simple decision to serve like your article describes has been for me the key to peace of mind and success in practice. So simple and so liberating....thanks for the reminder! Tom C.

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