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How to be Busy

Busy?One of the self-appointed tasks I perform each week is to review the log that records the terms visitors enter into the search box in the upper right corner of every page on this site. My goal is to see what interests people, or as Google refers to it as “the database of intention,” and to update the keywords associated with each page so they will appropriately show up when searched on. (It’s actually easier to do than to describe!)

This week, the search phrase “how to be busy” caught my eye. The same visitor entered “increase numbers.”

Wow. Instead of entering “make a difference” or “change the world” it was a far simpler request.

Because constructing a castle from toothpicks will keep you busy. As will a jigsaw puzzle. Even watching television. (Probably the reason far too many people do it.)

Being busy is often confused with productivity, significance or even importance. As in, “I’m too busy, I can’t get to that right now.”

If you’d like to be busier by helping more people, the solution is simple.

Chiropractors who have the interest and capacity to help more people actually have a “catch” to their desire. The search should probably have been more accurately entered as “how to be busy on my terms.”

Because it’s no secret how to be busier. Give lectures. Make first-adjustment calls to patients. Send thank you notes. Get a website. Improve patient education. Send periodic chiropractic newsletters. You know the list. It’s well established.

But there’s always a catch. As in, “I don’t do _____” or “I can’t see myself doing _____” or “Doing _____ is for newbies” or “I’m a doctor, I shouldn’t have to _____.”

Scripture refers to this as being “stiff necked.” It’s a destructive form of pride and arrogance that others, especially patients, find unattractive. Thus, referrals don’t manifest and the prideful, self-righteous, full-of-himself chiropractor finds that patient relationships lack the ease, intimacy and significance essential for practice growth.

What are you confronted with that seems “beneath” you? I’m almost certain therein lies an access point to more new patients. But it requires that you retire your healthier-than-thou attitude and start showing up as a humble servant.

When you do and your self-talk goes from “I-need-more-new-patients” to “who-else-can-I-serve” and “how-else-may-I-serve?” and you jettison the hubris of being a doctor, you’ll find yourself not only busy, but making a difference. Does it get any better than that?

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Bill, thank you for being the example to us of how to be loving to and serve our patients by paying attention to details and trying to serve us better. You make it seem easy even though it isn't, but more importantly, you show us how important it is. It's easy to see why your efforts are blessed.

Heather DeMalio:

First thought to mind is..."Be the difference you want to see in the world." ~ Mahatma Gandhi

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