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Monday Morning Motivation

In the same way software runs hardware, our beliefs run our lives. Significant change is possible only by abandoning self-limiting beliefs. Yet, they can be difficult to spot. However, you might recognize some of these:

New patients are scarce and hard to come by.
Something bad will happen if I stand up for myself.
The best days of chiropractic are behind me.
What worked in the past will work in the future.
I could never be a public speaker.
These and many others just aren't true. Yet, we often act as if they were, hiding our greatness, squandering opportunities and living small. If you find yourself stuck, the next time an opportunity shows up that you'd normally reject, say yes. Conversely, the next time a situation arises for which you'd routinely accept, pass on it. See what shows up. Take more risks. This is supposed to be an adventure, remember?

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Dear Bill, it was a pleasure to meet with you and hear your presentation at the Ohio State Chiropractic Convention in Columbus. Some how Ohio State even managed to win the football game! Your presentation style only get's better with age, and you really seemed to enjoy having fun with the doctors in attendance. We certainly were inspired and motivated by you.

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