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Dear Bill

Dear Bill

I have followed and read most of your books but your newest, "Adjusting," has been my saving grace in my chiropractic professional life.

I graduated Palmer Davenport and practiced with my father-in-law who had been in practice for 30+ years. After three years of incredible debt, passing of my infant daughter and poor economy, we moved to Joplin, MO. I joined an associate practice of high volume and incredible fraudulent practices thanks to a well-known management company. Then the tornado destroyed the city.

I moved to New Mexico unable to secure financing to purchase a practice in the small town of Deming. I have always had the necessary skill to adjust people. That came naturally. The business aspect has been grudgingly difficult. When I came to New Mexico, I decided to put people first for the first time in five years. Not that I did not before but I really believed that if I did, my worst the patients would just do what I thought they needed. I have really changed my focus and am really trying to become a coach/educator.

I can't believe the difference. We are still struggling but we have been in practice almost 3 months and we are seeing about 70 a week. I just wanted to say, your last book really is part of the reason that I forged ahead in chiropractic. I have wanted to quit so many times and go back to being a chemist but for some reason things keep being put in my path to drive me back into the profession.

I just wanted to say thank you. WE have never met but I feel you have been there supporting me more than most in my inner circle. Really pushing me to be a better chiropractor.

Thank you.

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nathan unruh:

Thank you so much for challenging me and inspiring me to show up present everyday in order to serve! I am so thankful for you and your team! Keep digging the trenches and God will make it rain!

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