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Monday Morning Motivation

Patients complete you.

If you attract clingy patients, it may be because you show up with the intent of taking credit as the heroic healer. If you attract irresponsible patients, maybe you show up prepared to assume responsibility for their health. Attracting largely symptomatic patients who leave as soon as they feel better may be because you show up as the "fixer" or "mechanic."

Attracting a different type of patient begins by you showing up differently.

Become more mindful of why you want more new patients. Is it to gain their admiration? Is it to prove chiropractic works? Is it to have your ego stroked? Your career choice affirmed? Your emotional or financial needs met?

This is often why so many chiropractors shun conventional new patient generating techniques. It requires that they show up in a way that isn't authentic or attractive to the types of patients they enjoy seeing!

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Interesting variation on the Law of Attraction, there's what you say you want, and then there's what you really want deep in your subconscious. The universe always gives you what you really want.

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