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Monday Morning Motivation

It's probably the most counterintuitive fear of all: the fear of success.

When imagining ourselves reaching our goals or achieving our success we may hold back or turn away because of its additional obligation, responsibility or accountability.

With success comes the obligation to be a good steward. Most lottery winners shun this obligation, squandering their newfound financial resources on the frivolous, inconsequential and temporal.

With success comes the responsibility to maintain the new, higher level of productivity. Some, who imagine a future success and the potential failure of slipping back, avoid disappointment by keeping circumstances reasonable and controllable.

With success comes greater accountability and the judgment of others. For some, walking the talk and setting a good example may seem too burdensome.

As Nelson Mandela said in his inauguration speech when quoting Marianne Williamson, "Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate, but that we are powerful beyond measure."

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I never understood the "fear of success" until I started my own practice. Then I realize how much it can really trap you in its subtle ways. But then I realized that you fear success because of a sense of being "unprepared" or "undeserving"...when you address the triggers, retake control, and lead with purpose, success can finally be attracted to you.

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