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Monday Morning Motivation

Happiness is largely a choice. How we show up when circumstances do not play out like we would prefer, is a decision.

Being depressed and withdrawn when patient volume is down and ecstatic when the numbers are up, produce a stressful rollercoaster practice. And it's not just the weightlessness at the top or pulling the extra Gs as your practice bottoms out. It's the costly toll that it takes on your support team.

If you're one of those moody bosses who appears to be a victim of outside conditions, realize that you destroy confidence, lower productivity and can actually bring about the conditions you're trying to avoid.

Forcing others to walk on eggshells is an expensive, self-indulgent luxury few practices can afford. Instead, choose to be upbeat. Decide to be optimistic. Only you can control your state. Become mindful of and assume responsibility for the emotional wake you create in others.

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I've learned in my young career that energy management is rule number one. When you're overexcited, you lose focus on staying active in the areas necessary for running a successful practice.

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