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Monday Morning Motivation

How well do you educate patients?

At first glance, it would appear that high PVA (Patient Visit Average) is a sign that patients are being educated, remaining under care beyond the relief of their obvious symptoms.

But there's another statistic that can reveal something even more important than meaningful patient education. It's a statistic that reveals your ability to lead, motivate and set an example that profoundly changes the lives of patients. Even staff members. It's a statistic that measures your ability to connect and stir the hearts of others.

What is the statistic? How many people have you inspired to go to chiropractic college?

There are few statistics as telling. Besides confirming your ability to explain chiropractic principles in a compelling way, it reflects your optimism (the future is bright) and your abundance mindset (the world needs more chiropractors).

Who do you know who would make a great chiropractor?

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Brian Deal:

Get to The Conversation with Bill ASAP.


Dear JH,

I've been in practice for one year now, and I STILL get up every morning, and am excited to go to work, I look forward to it. I don't worry about all the surrounding circumstances of practice, I focus on the positives, and the clients. And you should too.

In my very short career, I have been witness to big differences made to people's lives. I'm still amazed by how simple, and effective chiropractic is. Why don't they teach us that at chiropractic school?!

Not all clients are overweight, and not all smoke. Sure a lot of people don't want the in depth care that we *can* provide. A lot of people want superficial/temporary care, which is okay. Even that still can make a big difference to someone.

Anyway, my two bob....

In answer to the question, I have inspired one person to join chiropractic school - when I was in my second year of university.


I'm with Dr. Julie jh, leave, and pronto!! Find doing something that you like.
We have been practicing for 5 years. Every year has been better and more exciting. To date 5 students sent to chiropractic college, radio show, many wonderful life changing experiences and discoveries made in our office by our practice members, growing numbers.

I am blessed to be doing this.

Julie Seymour:

Dear jh,

Please get out as soon as possible!

Based on warnings signs and Bill's advice about 5 years ago I converted my practice to a nearly 100% cash practice. It has it's hazards, but because most members of my practice pay for their own care, they understand the value of my suggestions for frequency of visits/lifestyle changes/"home work"/ etc. Not everyone is receiving maintenance care, but they also don't expect me and their insurance company to cure them.

I *LOVE* coming to my office. I have more fun and less paperwork than ever before. I don't think I've ever inspired anyone to go to chiropractic college ~ so I need to pay attention to that in future.......

Go ~ find your smile and stop torturing yourself.


Seeing where this profession has gone in the past 28 years... where every single day and week is one long continuous cluster F*** from dealing with obese smoking non-compliant patients who do not want to follow instructions, don't want to pay, don't refer, you have to beg them to keep two appointments in a row... to insurance HMOs and manage care plans screwing us over on fees that date back to 1995, to workers comp fees that date back to 1995 and their incessant battles, PI and Medicare fees that date back to 1995 and their audits and the incessant battle just to make enough to pay "todays" bills... I would NEVER, ever encourage anyone to go into this field unless I absolutely hated his guts. I never enter my office anymore and not feel overwhelming rage. I never leave my office and not want to get on a jet plane and never come back. No - I wouldn't encourage anyone to go into this field - not even my ex-wife!

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