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Monday Morning Motivation

Do you realize how blessed you are to know the truth? You probably forget how rare and valuable your knowledge of health and healing are.

Imagine how many have squandered their life savings because they thought health came in a pill or a bottle or a doctor. Consider how many have surrendered their bodies to irreversible surgery.

The vast majority is inclined to choose the popular, the accepted and the mainstream. They look past the simple and the natural. They often unknowingly harbor a mistrust of their own body.

Remember that we're each granted free will by our Creator to choose a path congruent with our beliefs. Honor that. Just make sure that those you meet know your truth. Share your beliefs with compassion and kindness. Whether they take root now (or never) is not your responsibility. But telling the truth is.

Their rejection is not a rejection of you.

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Great post. I have found myself taking the rejection of my care plan personally in the past. As a practitioner matures they realize that its not about you being rejected, its about the patient. As soon as I removed myself from the equation, practice has been more enjoyable. Thanks.

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