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New Patient Mojo Episode 19

Abstract: Probably the easiest, most likely source of new patients is to cultivate reactivations. Yet, many practitioners shun this ready supply of new patients in favor of pursuing total strangers. Assume the headspace necessary to increase reactivations and create an emotionally safe environment which inactives require before returning to your practice. 6:37

Tags: reactivations, fixing patients, I-told-you-so, chiropractic virgins, dormant, Beating the House, chiropractic supplies

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Jim Miller:

I like this newsletter concept and I do the birthday cards although they are a post card and not a personalized card plus the newsletters. I'm wondering if its okay to send with the letter a re-invite or NP offer for there friends & family members because I do that and get an okay response so I'm wondering what you would recommend?

WDE: If it's working, go for it!

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