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Monday Morning Motivation

If you knew you wouldn't fail, what would you attempt?

While fear is a whole body phenomena felt in the pit of our stomach or as an unsettled apprehension, it's also a spiritual oppression. It causes us to leave the present where we are powerful change agents, for a future of imagined dread or impending doom.

Don't fall for it.

Being great and doing great; rising above the average and mediocre occur along the border that divides safety and danger. By having chosen chiropractic, you identified yourself as one of the dangerous types! Going against the mainstream. Rejecting the accepted and the common; courageously taking the steep, narrow, difficult path.

All progress has been the result of unreasonable individuals who questioned the status quo, felt the fear, refused its distraction and took action anyway. Failure isn't falling short of accomplishing something difficult—it's admitting defeat before taking the first step.

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Tony Russo:

Great stuff Bill,
What, no comments. I noticed ever since Tony Russo stopped commenting, there are very few. Well, we'll see about that. I found that when I was practicing, there were many times when I too "felt the fear and did it anyway". I also found that often times the fear was warrented because the new idea didn't work. I also found that had I consulted my wife, I might not have embarked upon a particular route. And Dave Ramsey was right when he said that if he didn't consult his wife, it would cost him around $10,000. I've had a couple of those. So I would amend that advise to read, follow your passion, but be mindful of the fear and really consider the advise given. And when it comes to financial fear remember, debt can turn a dream into a nightmare.

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