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Five Things to Do In 2011

5-headrestMany of us use the beginning of the New Year as a prompt to abandon unhelpful habits or establish new ones. If you’re inclined to give up any sense of victimhood, whether at the hands of insurance carriers, the economy or the imagined competition down the street, this is a good time to do it.

I’m certain you already know a dozen or more things you could do, should do, have done but abandoned, that would most surely grow your practice. It’s rarely a lack of knowing what to do. Instead, what constrains most of us is the lack of desire, discipline or the willingness to take the emotional risks necessary to implement meaningful change.

Yet, many are seduced by the prospect that the solution is “out there.” That the answer can be purchased or acquired without the more difficult task of confronting ourselves. That there’s a shortcut or “secret,” that once obtained, will produce the circumstances we seek. This linear, mechanical notion of success is not only wrong, but distracts many from more productive actions that would actually yield results.

Instead of a new gadget, seminar or script, here are five things that are more likely to produce the imagined change we seek this time of the year:

1. Forgive everyone for everything. And I mean everyone! The justified resentments that we hold onto serve no purpose but to poison relationships and hobble our success. Most of the people you’re likely to harbor angst and anger probably don’t even think about you and your unresolved rage. Drop it. Forgiveness is for you, not them.

2. Be grateful. Say please and thank you more frequently. And mean it. Become present to the countless blessings you enjoy, whether it be a loyal staff, loving spouse or the valuable chiropractic skills you have. Regardless of your particular circumstances, you have every reason to be optimistic and hopeful. Remind yourself of this before complaining or uttering a single negative thought.

3. Speak less and listen more. Simply put, most of us talk too much. Many are needlessly quick to weigh in with their opinions and point of view. This is almost always a sign that we’re seeking approval or revealing our insecurity. Ask great questions and truly listen and the keys to the kingdom will be given to you. Consider the chiropractic greats and legendary healers. Most were humble men and women of few words.

4. Raise your standards. Enhancing our self-esteem is not accomplished by repeating a mantra or affirmation. It is achieved by taking on a difficult challenge... and succeeding. Yet, many of us prefer the wide, level path, and then wonder why we produce such mediocre results. This is the perfect time of the year to face what you’ve put off and demand more of yourself. Act as if someone is watching your every move. Because someone is. You.

5. Work on your business. Abandon the idealistic notion that yours is some type of high-minded healing center. It may be. But it’s a business first. Running it wisely requires simple skills that are readily available and completely learnable. Give up the notion that great healers are supposed to live in poverty. It’s not true. Believing it is a form of self-handicapping that is as foolish as it is unattractive.

See. Nothing to buy. Nothing to sign up for. Five things that merely require a shift in consciousness, which is the engine of change and the success we seek at this time each year.

Happy New Year! Thanks to you it’s going to be a great one.

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Juan-Carlos Portillo D.C.:

Thanks, once again you have struck at the heart of it! I have read Monday Mornings for years now, thanks again. My new website is about to launch with Perfect Patients, thanks for that as well!

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