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New Patient Mojo Episode 17

Abstract: One of the overlooked aspects of getting and keeping new patients is to establish clear boundaries—what the patient is responsible for and what you’re responsible for. If you don’t set the appropriate “rules of engagement” you’re likely to be subjected to some else’s boundary setting: the patients! Discover that, unlike medicine, chiropractic patients carry most of the burden. 7:15

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Monday Morning Motivation

This is not the time to go soft. Squishy. Mamsey-pamsey.

Times like these demand crystal clarity. Courageously saying what is so. Supplying and enforcing clear guidelines and direction. Keeping it simple.

Throw out the political correctness and the walking on eggshells unbecoming of someone who knows the truth. Greater acceptance does not come at the cost of compromise, in fact just the reverse. Tell it like it is. Not harshly. But with boldness, certainty and compassion.

Patients. Prospective patients. Staff. More than ever, they deserve your best. They flee uncertainty or ambiguity in favor of unflinching precision, unblinking assuredness, steadfast conviction and unswerving faith.

It's crunch time. And you're on the winning team!. But you're not acting like it. Time to double down, increase your bet and up the ante. Everyone is waiting and watching to see how you'll show up. When you show up big, they will too.


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Monday Morning Motivation

If you knew you wouldn't fail, what would you attempt?

While fear is a whole body phenomena felt in the pit of our stomach or as an unsettled apprehension, it's also a spiritual oppression. It causes us to leave the present where we are powerful change agents, for a future of imagined dread or impending doom.

Don't fall for it.

Being great and doing great; rising above the average and mediocre occur along the border that divides safety and danger. By having chosen chiropractic, you identified yourself as one of the dangerous types! Going against the mainstream. Rejecting the accepted and the common; courageously taking the steep, narrow, difficult path.

All progress has been the result of unreasonable individuals who questioned the status quo, felt the fear, refused its distraction and took action anyway. Failure isn't falling short of accomplishing something difficult—it's admitting defeat before taking the first step.

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New Patient Mojo Episode 18

Abstract: One of the ways to reduce your dependency on new patients is to improve patient retention. This can start at the consultation by being mindful of the four ways of framing chiropractic to patients and uncovering their Mount Everest. Then, link what they want with what you offer. In other words, help patients look beyond their spine and dream a bigger dream. 4:52

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Monday Morning Motivation

Getting you to think that you'd be more successful by acting like someone other than yourself is a recipe for failure. Yet, the pull to do so is powerful. Showing up as our authentic selves requires overcoming…

The patient who wants you to be their mommy.

The staff member who wants you to be the perfect boss.

The consultant who wants you to be more like them.

The insurance carrier who wants you to be more like a MD.

The regulatory board who wants you to be average.

Imitating someone else or fulfilling someone else's notion of who we should be requires acting skills that would make you a Hollywood legend. But to be truly legendary, shun the temptation of being a chameleon and instead be 100% authentically you. If you don't, you risk the ultimate disappointment of all—the regret and resentment that comes from never being fully you.

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Monday Morning Motivation

The goal is not comfort.

The media-led culture would like us to think that the goal is some sort of affluent ease. However, there's little proof that such a life is good for us.

The success you're enjoying today reflects what's possible based upon your current comfort zone. In other words, helping even more patients and enjoying the rewards of doing so, is only possible by purposefully, willingly and wisely putting yourself into a state of uncomfortableness.

For some it may be risking loss or rejection. Or confronting an addiction or confessing a trespass. It may require setting clearer boundaries. Almost always, it involves confronting and staring down fear until it blinks.

This is the perfect time of the year to take on something difficult that makes you feel uncomfortable. Or a lot uncomfortable! Not only are you likely to succeed, you'll discover the "juice" that makes life worth living.

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New Patient Mojo Episode 19

Abstract: Probably the easiest, most likely source of new patients is to cultivate reactivations. Yet, many practitioners shun this ready supply of new patients in favor of pursuing total strangers. Assume the headspace necessary to increase reactivations and create an emotionally safe environment which inactives require before returning to your practice. 6:37

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Five Things to Do In 2011

5-headrestMany of us use the beginning of the New Year as a prompt to abandon unhelpful habits or establish new ones. If you’re inclined to give up any sense of victimhood, whether at the hands of insurance carriers, the economy or the imagined competition down the street, this is a good time to do it.

I’m certain you already know a dozen or more things you could do, should do, have done but abandoned, that would most surely grow your practice. It’s rarely a lack of knowing what to do. Instead, what constrains most of us is the lack of desire, discipline or the willingness to take the emotional risks necessary to implement meaningful change.

Yet, many are seduced by the prospect that the solution is “out there.” That the answer can be purchased or acquired without the more difficult task of confronting ourselves. That there’s a shortcut or “secret,” that once obtained, will produce the circumstances we seek. This linear, mechanical notion of success is not only wrong, but distracts many from more productive actions that would actually yield results.

Instead of a new gadget, seminar or script, here are five things that are more likely to produce the imagined change we seek this time of the year:

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