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Monday Morning Motivation

The universe rewards action, not intention.

Consider all those great intentions that begin with "Someday, I'll..." These are wishes, dreams and hoped-fors. They have little power. They're easily pushed aside for more pressing concerns. Many times, they merely produce guilt and serve as a reminder of our impotence.

Greatness is about action. It is the fuel that turns the invisible into the physical. Everything you see around you was once merely a thought, an idea or a vision. The difference is, someone took action and their intention turned from nothing into something.

This week, identify that something you've repeatedly thought about, but never acted on. A project that seemed too large to begin. Or a task that would require everything you've got. Then, give it everything you've got! Don't hold back. Don't hedge your bet. Don't wait for perfection. Take massive action.

That's how to put a dent in the universe.

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New Patient Mojo Episode 13

Abstract: As a professional caregiver you probably weren’t taught the distinction between caring for patients and loving patients. Yet, without clarity surrounding this issue, it’s tempting to make the doctor/patient relationship about you instead of patients. This significantly reduces your new patient attractability. Caring is finite. Loving is infinite. 7:53

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Monday Morning Motivation

Do you have enough margin?

If we have limited margin to deal with physical, emotional or chemical stress, our bodies subluxate. Enhancing one's ability to accommodate these stresses is the basis of chiropractic care.

But what about your financial margin?

A savings account and having insurance are ways we increase our margin. Another is credit. Most are familiar with the danger of relying on it!

Your financial margin is merely the result of the service you've provided your community and the trust and goodwill you've earned by going beyond what patients expect. With every interaction, you have the opportunity to make deposits, increasing your margin or withdrawing against any margin you may have already established. Too many withdrawals without sufficient deposits and we experience overdrafts.

Overdrafts? Few referrals. Rare reactivations. Needing patients. Fretting about those who don't show. Making practice about you.

They are effects. Symptoms actually. Of not having enough margin.

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What I'm Reading

marketing_google.jpgMarketing in the Age of Google, Your Online Strategy is Your Business Strategy by Vanessa Fox is the perfect book for chiropractors who are being dragged against their will onto the Internet. The author defines terms, simplifies key concepts and gives ready examples that bring into focus the bewildering implications of marketing your practice online. While the book doesn’t teach the principles of optimizing a website, it will make any chiropractor an educated consumer when establishing a website to advance his or her practice online. (Over 40% of online searches are now being conducted on YouTube! Can prospective new patients find your practice?) Not only will you get better understanding of organic listings, pay-per-click, search results, analytics and other essentials, you’ll have a much greater appreciation for what we do at Perfect Patients creating and managing chiropractic websites for chiropractors around the world.


Monday Morning Motivation

What's that thing you've been putting off? The project that seems too large to complete so you haven't started? The difficult conversation you've avoided? The new skill you haven't learned because it'll temporarily make you feel incompetent? The exercise routine you've neglected to begin?

We all have at least one.

It's bad enough that we don't start these projects. But there's something far worse. It's the accuser who condemns us for being a failure because of our procrastination. So, we retract. Hide our genius. And take the safe, comfortable route of inaction.

Today, have the audacity to claim your greatness by telling others what you're about to take on. Create a covenant. Invoke peer pressure. Set some expectations of yourself and speak it into being.

People who are up to something, especially those who are dangerous, do this all the time. Saying it aloud is the first act of creation.

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Where's the Money?

The money in chiropracticMany chiropractors appear to be scrambling these days, trying to find the money in chiropractic.

Is the money in some new gismo or spinal decompression? Is the money in a new adjunctive procedure such as cold laser? Is the money in a new service such as weight loss or nutritional counseling?

Peruse the ads in the pages of chiropractic periodicals or walk the gauntlet in the vendor area at chiropractic conventions and association gatherings and you may start to wonder. Seems like the increasingly shrill ads and exhibitor overtures have become more about profit and less about chiropractic care.

This begs the question. Is it possible to make a living these days, simply delivering quality chiropractic adjustments to people who want a natural approach to better health without drugs or surgery?

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Beating the House

Patients always winVirtually every new patient has heard the old saw, “Once you go to a chiropractor, you have to go for the rest of your life.” And because many chiropractors, especially those who see the highest and best use of chiropractic is as a life-long adjunct to optimum health, either overlook or ignore addressing this issue with a new patient.

Big mistake.

“Since the chiropractor hasn’t mentioned it, it must be true,” surmises the patient.

That’s when many unhealthy patient behaviors are actually created as patients go about the business of planning how they are going to “beat the house.” In other words, get the chiropractic that they want, without getting the lifelong care their chiropractor wants for them.

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To Every Thing Turn, Turn, Turn…

drclumIn case you weren’t at the Life Chiropractic College West Festival over the weekend, you may not know that Dr. Gerry Clum will be stepping down as president on January 28, 2011.

I received this tragic news within seconds of stepping on campus Friday morning where I was presenting “The Patient in Patient Education” talk as part of the annual festivities. When Dr. Clum told me about the announcement he had made just hours earlier, I was saddened. Many agree that he is amongst the brightest minds in chiropractic today and his absence will be sorely felt. His 30-year contribution at the helm of Life West, his involvement with CCE and the World Federation of Chiropractic has left a permanent mark on the chiropractic profession.

drkellyHowever, my outlook brightened when I learned that his successor would be long-time friend, Perfect Patients website client, New Zealand native and president of the New Zealand College of Chiropractic since 2003, Dr. Brian Kelly! This is great news for the students and faculty of Life West and for chiropractic in the Northern Hemisphere.

Best wishes to Dr. Clum. Thankfully he isn’t retiring, but seeking
“…opportunities that will allow me to apply my strengths for the betterment of the profession.” When you’re at the top of your game it’s the perfect time to reinvent yourself. I did it in 1999 and it was the most difficult, painful, wonderful, rewarding, exciting thing I’ve ever done. I hope Dr. Clum will be similarly blessed.


Monday Morning Motivation

How many youth have you corrupted?

"Corrupting the youth" was the charge leveled against Socrates, the Greek educator. Using the power of asking questions, Socrates empowered his students to question the status quo and resist the sophistry of intellectuals and the government.

Sounds like a task similar to that of de-hypnotizing the prevailing drug culture and symptom-treating mentality of patients. It starts by showing up curious about what patients believe. And why they believe it.

Careful! Don't use curiosity as a "technique." Patients can tell when your questions are merely a set up for your premeditated ear raping. You won't corrupt anyone (regardless of age) that way!

Instead, show up empty so you can receive and learn. Be mindful that patients aren't consulting you because they sense a deficiency in their beliefs about the nature of health. However, their lack of health might just be an access point. If you're curious.

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500 Chiropractic Blog Posts and Counting…

500 blog posts and countingThis is the 500th entry in the Patient Media chiropractic blog since it began back in August 2006.

I’ve used this space to think aloud, share my latest conclusions about the doctor/patient relationship and harness the “wisdom of the crowd.” In fact, it has substituted as an outlet that would have formerly been self-published in another one of my chiropractic books for chiropractors.

If you click on the “Blog Archives” link at the top of the left column on the home page, you can see all 500 entries listed in chronological order with the most recent on top. It’s a lot of material. It represents weeks upon weeks of thinking and writing about patients and chiropractors.

Here are seven of my favorite chiropractic blog posts. Some of them have produced the greatest amount of feedback (which I love!) from readers. Others have not:

RCT and the Cult of Scientism
Answered Prayers
Undoing 20 Years of Bad Advice
Where Did All the Chiropractors Go?
The Key or the Car?
Wake Up Rip!
How to Domesticate a Chiropractor
…And now onto the next 500 posts. Thanks for coming along!

New Patient Mojo Episode 14

Abstract: Before getting too excited about all the things you can do to get new patients, you’ll want to take an inventory of your current practice and its shortcomings. In other words, if you find yourself in a hole, stop digging. Learn about mystery shoppers and how to hold a patient focus group. 8:14

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