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Point of No Return

chiropractic councilThe folks at the Council on Chiropractic Education are in the midst of revising the standards by which chiropractic colleges will be accredited come January 2012. As you’ve undoubtedly heard by now, student doctors are graduating atrociously undereducated and stricter guidelines are essential for the preservation of the profession.

I’m kidding of course.

However, that has to be the problem; after all, the purpose of The Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE) is “to promote academic excellence and to ensure the quality of chiropractic education.”

One might assume that the accreditation process needs some shoring up. Or the quality of chiropractic education is getting a bit rag-tag.

Neither is true. So, I fear something much more nefarious is in process. You be the judge.

Spend a few minutes reviewing the craftsmanship of the most powerful governing body in chiropractic by visiting the Life Chiropractic College West website and reviewing the Current Standards, the Draft Standards and a brilliant, six-page Comparison of Current and Draft Standards written by the equally brilliant Dr. Gerald W. Clum.

In short, Dr. Clum seems to be sounding the alarm that the CCE appears to be moving towards the Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine philosophy, eliminating the term “subluxation” and proposing that chiropractic is no longer a drugless discipline. Gosh, if subluxation is out and drugs are in, just what is it that distinguishes chiropractic?

True, this trend goes against the beliefs of the average chiropractor, but remember, it wasn’t all that long ago that so-called health care reform was pushed through Congress and signed into law against the wishes of the average American!

And speaking of the average American or the average anyone else, what makes chiropractic attractive is that it is NOT medicine!

And any chiropractor familiar with the era in which chiropractors were jailed for “practicing medicine without a license,” knows that chiropractic exists as a separate and distinct profession because it is NOT medicine!

This appears to be ignored in the headlong pursuit to fashion chiropractic in the image of medicine.


Chiropractic has managed to survive over a century of attacks from outside the profession because it provides something that medicine can’t, while producing extraordinary patient satisfaction. Whether it will survive this attack from within the profession remains to be seen.

It’s crunch time. This is not the time to sit quietly on the sidelines. Don’t let this attempt at “fixing” chiropractic by shedding the last vestige of vitalism and metaphysics from it go unchallenged. Speak your mind using the feedback form and perhaps this abomination can be prevented. But you only have until September 24, 2010 to weigh in.

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Chiropractic is decompressing the nerve influx out of the spine by hands.
By diminishing the articular resistance of the Atlas, the decompression of the spinal cord can occur deeply.
Nerve influx is life .
Nerve influx is health.
Drugs,needle, scalpel hinder,diminish the function of the nerve influx supply to the body and to the human being.
Allopathy is not medecine.
Vix medicatrix naturae in Latin is the nerve influx.
Medecine is the nerve influx.
The nerve influx is liberate by hands on spine.
Nerve influx is the Innate intelligence.
Dr Michael Ramon Dc

Why is it that we feel the need to change the core behind what we do. Do we really see it as a sacred "cow".
I submit that it IS a sacred "premise".
Change for the sake of "keeping up with current fads" will certainly be our demise. The anonymous writer who says we must change or die is being extremely short sited. The "eastern philosophy" he seems to passionately embrace has not changed for thousands of years.
If it is greater riches you seek by embracing this change...Go BE something different. In my opinion you don't know who you ARE.
Chiropractic for Life!


I am an American Chiropractic working in Beijing China. I will tell you first hand there is no greater profession than ours. I came to China believing I would learn some eastern medicine such as Traditional Chinese Medicine. Surprising to me, what I offer is so much more powerful. Sure, they have had bone setters here for 1000 years, but they still do not do what we chiropractors do. I use the nervoscope, find the pressure and adjust the bone. It is so simple, yet so powerful, most chiropractors miss it. We truly offer what no one else does. If you want to mix or prescribe drugs, go ahead, just turn in your D.C license and get a M.D


The profession "MUST" change?

You can't rewrite reality to suite your needs my friend. Remember truth is an absolute. If the principle of chiropractic is true then their is no need to change. If our principle is wrong then we start talking about change.

If you want to practice something other then chiropractic please go ahead, just do us a favour (sorry I'm Canadian) and get another license. Then you can call yourself whatever you want, and practice whatever philosophy you want. Here's soemthing to consider... contradictions cannot exist!

Thanks, Bill! If one wants to prescribe medications, they should do what my two partners in practice are doing: get an RN and then get an FNP license. Sure, we should be taught about pharmacology in chiro school because it affects the nervous system (our specialty!). But chiropractic and medicine are two different things and the education for each profession is quite different (I teach at a medical school, so I have first hand experience with this). Agreed, if we get 'limited pharm', what distinguishes us as a separate entity? One truly focused on HEALTH care, because we all know medicine is focused on ILLNESS care.


Bill I appreciate the heads up. But at the same time I am disappointed in you and the doctors that have commented on your blog.

The profession MUST change. I love what I do but I am SO SICK of doctor getting hung up on 100+ year old sacred cows, I want to vomit.

Chiropractic is 1st and foremost a HEALING art just as medicine, nursing and osteopathy. If you really look and examine the art of chiropractic it is deeply rooted in eastern health care philosophy. How individual doctors choose to practice is up to them. I see myself (if granted greater freedom) being a combination of western and eastern healing philosophy.

The thing to remember is that the things that fail to adapt to changing times eventually decrease before they disappear and/or die


Bill, thanks for spreading the word! THIS IS IMPORTANT! One thing: please let everyone know that questions # 2 & 3 on the form are OPTIONAL. They are hard to understand and kept me from completing the form for a week until I found out. This could keep many docs from doing this.

Dr Dan:

Thanks for the heads up.

God bless your work.

Let's keep Chiropractic what it is: "The largest drugless healthcare profession in the world" after all what else do you want to offer your patients, medication? Diets? Surgery? Let's keep it hands on, doctors.

I'm really thankful that those brave men and women who went to jail on principle are not alive to witness what's happening.

The good news is that the principle of chiropractic will survive. I just hope in 20 years it will still be called chiropractic.

Reggie Gold saw something like this coming 30 years ago, and formed another profession based on the same principles.

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