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Monday Morning Motivation

Are you proactive or reactive?

Reactive practices rarely perform at their full potential. Looking around, trying to ascertain what others are doing and responding in kind, reveals that they're on the trailing edge, not the leading edge. If this is your strategy, you'll always be playing catch up.

Proactive practices are on the lookout for 1% and 2% improvements to virtually everything they do. There are few sacred cows or taboo topics. Good ideas are good regardless of who comes up with them. You rarely hear, "We tried that and it doesn't work." (It may not have worked then, but it might work now.)

It's often called creative destruction.

Reinvent your practice so as not to get too comfortable, fat and happy with the status quo. Many practices did that when they assumed generous reimbursement would last forever.

Brittle, calcified things break. Is your practice an oak or a flexible willow?

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Point of No Return

chiropractic councilThe folks at the Council on Chiropractic Education are in the midst of revising the standards by which chiropractic colleges will be accredited come January 2012. As you’ve undoubtedly heard by now, student doctors are graduating atrociously undereducated and stricter guidelines are essential for the preservation of the profession.

I’m kidding of course.

However, that has to be the problem; after all, the purpose of The Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE) is “to promote academic excellence and to ensure the quality of chiropractic education.”

One might assume that the accreditation process needs some shoring up. Or the quality of chiropractic education is getting a bit rag-tag.

Neither is true. So, I fear something much more nefarious is in process. You be the judge.

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Dear Bill

Q: I had a question about the paternalization of patients. There has to be a point where the doctor has to guide the patient to make their own decisions, but where is the line in the sand where you have to push the envelope a little? For example, you offer your 3X/week recommendations to the patient and they say, “I cannot do 3X/week, but I can do 2X/week.”

Where do you draw the line to accepting what they feel to be true (beliefs) or tell them, “Do you think you will get the optimal benefit if you come in 2X/week? Where is the difference between the bending point vs. the breaking point and the DC down the street “…who will see you 2X/week but I am not going to sacrifice your health or my reputation, especially if you do not get your desired result?”

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Monday Morning Motivation

This week perform as many random acts of kindness as you can. Preferably for a stranger. Anonymously.

It's the perfect antidote for those earliest rumblings that you've invited yourself to your own private pity party. When you're seduced to worry, tricked into a state of fear or deceived by circumstances, it's simply a reminder that you need to serve someone. And not just those on your adjusting table.

Choose a stranger who needs encouragement, a passerby who could use a smile or surprise the checkout clerk with a compliment. Sure, it will uplift them, but notice what it does for you.

When we're admonished to love others as ourselves, it's easy to overlook the profound effect loving others has on us. Like its cousin forgiveness, loving others is as much (or more) for our own well-being as for that of others. The more we give away, the more we receive.

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New Patient Mojo Episode 11

Abstract: New patients is as much or more about “the who, not the do.” This is the seventh way of being that enhances your new patient attractability. Are you healthy? Physically? Mentally? Socially? If you’ve already discovered the limitations of doctor’s orders or missed the distinction between being friends and being friendly, you’ll find these suggestions helpful. 7:40

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Monday Morning Motivation

Virtually every spiritual discipline acknowledges that the invisible world is more "real" than the physical world that we can detect with our five senses; things manifest spiritually before they appear physically.

Especially new patients.

Answer this question from your current state of being: why do you want new patients?

If you desire new patients so you can pay your bills, keep your house, maintain your lifestyle, look successful, stay busy, amass enough to retire, reach your goals or some other self-serving reason, I suspect you have some gaping holes in your appointment book.

Patients can "smell" your motives and detect your heart. And while some will hold their nose and follow your recommendations, it rarely creates the intimacy and trust essential to stimulate referrals or facilitate subsequent reactivations.

Your actions (physical) reveal the motives of your heart (spiritual)—-that can either grow your practice or keep it in second gear.

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The On Purpose Interview

On my last visit to the People’s Republic of New Jersey in April, I dropped in on the world headquarters of the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance to sit down for an On Purpose interview with Dr. Patrick Gentempo and Dr. Christopher Kent.

The only thing I know that can slow down time and even make it run backwards is attending the high school graduation ceremony of a distant relative. However, spending time with Pat and Chris has the exact opposite effect. This one-hour interview seemed to take no longer than 10-15 minutes!

They have granted me permission to post the interview here. If you’re not a subscriber to On Purpose become one. The three CDs that arrive each month will keep you up on the latest research affirming chiropractic, the latest political goings on plus a thought-provoking interview. Try a three-month subscription and see for yourself. True, there are chiropractic publications that arrive each month for free. But they simply prove the old adage that “You get what you pay for” and “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” Enjoy. 65 minutes (To save to your computer, right click on the length link and choose Save Target As...)


Dear Bill

Q: I have been a chiropractor for 19 years and have awakened to the obvious. After going to business networking meetings, I realize that I cannot explain what I do in a simple way that people “get.” Of course, I should have figured this out much sooner after looking at my practice stats! There is so much to say that it clouds my explanation. Is there a way that you could help narrow my focus? If you were a chiropractor and had 60-seconds to explain what you do, what would you say?

A: The first distinction you’d probably want to make is between describing what you do and describing what chiropractic is. What you do as a chiropractor is interesting to only two relatively small groups: other chiropractors and prospective new patients contemplating beginning care. So the question is, how do you make chiropractic fascinating, intriguing and attractive to a larger, more general audience?

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New Patient Mojo Episode 12

Abstract: The deepest, most lasting and influential relationships progress through four different levels. Here's a brief overview of these four stages and how they may manifest in a chiropractic setting. By better understanding these distinctions, you’ll have the foundation for being able to identify how to set the appropriate boundary between caring, and caring too much. 7:18

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Why the Move Toward Chiropractic Medicine?

countryclub.jpgI’ve been musing about the growing bifurcation of the chiropractic profession. I’ll just ask it out loud: Why are there chiropractors so ambitiously pursuing the elimination of subluxation and the addition of drugs to the profession of chiropractic?

At first, I thought it might be that these individuals are embarrassed that a “magnetic healer and fish monger” had authored the chiropractic profession. Or ashamed of the flamboyant and eccentric style of his son. Then, I imagined that perhaps this dissatisfaction with classic chiropractic was because it hampered the acceptance of some chiropractors into the medical health care country club.

While these may be factors, upon deeper reflection I’m wondering if something far more simple and obvious is actually at work here. In fact, the same thing that was present when I suggested to my Dad that he see a chiropractor while simultaneously receiving the ineffective chemotherapy he had chosen.

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Monday Morning Motivation

The resistance you experience is proportional to how threatening you are.

When your chiropractic principles are no longer attacked, be wary. It means that what you represent is no longer seen as a threat. Inconsequential. Superfluous.

Recalibrate what resistance and skepticism actually mean. It's usually a sign that you're salty, spicy and hot! When you're significant enough to warrant the attention of enemies and those threatened by the flag you plant, rejoice! It means you're on the radar. Dangerous. Feral. A force to be reckoned with.

This sustained your ancestors, imprisoned for their principles. It bolstered chiropractors before "miracle drugs" and the culture lost its awe of the body's self-healing ability.

Remember why you chose chiropractic. It wasn't to fit in. Or necessarily to be liked. And it certainly wasn't to be part of a medical machine that fundamentally disrespects the intelligence of the body.

You're a game changer, remember?

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