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wired.jpgI only subscribe to one magazine. Wire Magazine is the “Popular Science” of the Internet Age (there’s a great magazine title!) and cuts a wide swath between cool gadgets, software, website stuff and cutting edge thinking. Imagine my surprise when the Simon Singh UK drama showed up on page 112. The tipoff was a blurb promoting the article on page 8 or page 008, as they like to number the pages: “Journalist Simon Singh dared to write that chiropractic can’t help childhood asthma. His reward: a libel suit.”

If you want, you can probably read the two-page interview at the newsstand. And if you’ve had your head down and don’t know what your UK brethren are facing, you should. But what caught my attention in the Robert Capps article and interview was this statement: “Such is the state of science, where sometimes even stating simple truths (like the fact that there’s no reliable evidence chiropractic can alleviate asthma in children) can bring the wrath of the antiscience crowd.”

Didn’t know I was part of the antiscience crowd by trusting the testimonials of countless patients and the firsthand experience of hundreds of chiropractors.

That’s not reliable?

Gosh, I was hoping that the truth (or Truth) didn’t require a double blind randomized clinical trial published in a peer-reviewed journal!

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justin Pellow:

A show on TV about neuroplasticity had a comment about the science crowd. If a person stood in front of them and showed them a talking pig, they wouldn't marvel at the talking pig, they would say "show us another one first".

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