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Monday Morning Motivation

"If you miss an appointment you'll need to make it up."

Really? Can you actually "make up" an appointment? That would suggest that if a patient were on a three-times-a-week schedule and missed one, the following week they would need to be seen four times.


If it's just about the number of visits, why not cram their first 12 visits all into a single week? Or a day!

No, this linear, mechanistic notion of how a patient's body uses the energy added to their spine may be more about wielding power. As such, it's parental, emotionally draining and unsustainable. It's a form of bluffing that exposes an insecurity and mistrust of patients.

More likely? Missed visits could cause a loss of momentum, delaying or even preventing the recovery process. Instead of the quantity of visits, isn't it actually about their frequency and consistency?

Why not explain that to patients?

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Brian Deal:

Why is it that we say things like this and think that somehow our patients and clients can't see right through us.

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