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Monday Morning Motivation

"Chiropractic works when traditional methods fail."

Yes, but with a few important caveats that are often overlooked.

1. Is the original stress still present? If subluxation is the body's attempt at accommodating physical, chemical or emotional stress, and the stressor is still present in the patient's life, the likelihood of chiropractic working is less assured.

2. Limitation of matter. In the same way we can't regrow lost fingers and toes, there are limitations to what is possible based on a patient's age, conditioning and their willingness to follow recommendations and make lifestyle changes.

3. Is the patient invested in their recovery? Some may enjoy secondary gains from their poor health and aren't fully committed to healing. Harnessing the mind/body connection is essential and one reason to employ effective chiropractic patient education.

Although not quite as sexy, it might be more accurate to say, "Chiropractic often works when traditional methods fail."

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Tony Russo:

An excellent positioning of our profession. Glad to see you're still very much on top of things. Keep up what you're doing and I'll keep visiting and nodding my head in agreement.
Ciao for now,
Tony Russo

Brian Deal:

I agree with Tim. We are caught in a situation where even we as chiropractors depend on the removal of symptoms as a guide marker to determine whether or not chiropractic works. It is important for us to be vigilant in the application of our craft. Know when and when not to adjust. We have to seek to understand the definition of working before we try to be understood.

It is true, but that depends on what "works" means. Patients feel chiropractic "working" means that low back pain goes away. Sometimes the low back pain does not go away, their infertility dissapears and as great as that is, the patient came in for low back pain relief that you did not provide, never mind the fact that you just profoundly changed their life. Chiropractic always works, it just dosen't always work in the way the patient wants. This is why it is important to explain on day one what chiropractic does and what it does not do, so you can celebrate together the positive changes that take place in a patient.

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