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There's a New Sherriff in Town

marketing pixHere’s an easy chiropractic marketing tip: It’s no secret that more and more people are using the Internet to find just about anything. Whether it’s a Medium Remo Buffalo Drum, a natural solution to infant colic or getting your own chiropractic website—you can find it on the Internet. In fact, considering the choices available, it makes the yellow page directory seem insignificant by comparison. (Anybody want to buy a slightly used yellow page directory publishing company?)

First it was blogging. Then social media. And now? Reviews. You’ll want as many patients as possible to review your practice and procedures.

Scary? I know. But realize that a negative review here and there actually increases the validity of the overwhelming number of positive reviews you’re likely to get. Heck, if chiropractic didn’t produce a majority of happy campers, it wouldn’t still be around!

Armed with this knowledge, here’s what I would do…

On your chiropractic business card or your patient appointment reminder, put the web address of the review site where you’d like patients to detail the wonderful experience they’ve had in your practice. Depending upon where you’re located you’ll discover that there are a handful of sites dedicated to reviews. The most common include:
You may have to ask, beg, nag, cajole, plead, implore, pester, badger, harass, coax, beseech, charm and sweet talk patients into submitting a review, but it will be well worth it.

That’s because of a little problem. Google and the rest don’t know about the patient you saved from surgery. Or the one you got off pain pills. Or the teenage boy you saved from the humiliation of bedwetting. To Google you’re just a chiropractor. Like all the others. A commodity. Your real-world reputation does NOT automatically translate to your online reputation, managed largely these days it seems, by Google.

In some ways, it’s like starting over.

You either come to grips with this and adapt, or you turn up as a well-intentioned victim of “progress.” Your choice. If you’re five years or less away from cashing in your IRA, thumb your nose at the way the Internet works and keep your head down. But if you have a ways to go, I strongly suggest you acknowledge that there’s a new sheriff in town.

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I have had 3 patients in the last month come in stating that "I came here because you had the most positive reviews". Thanks for this valuable advice.

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