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New Patient Mojo Episode 6

Abstract: It’s something that new patients crave almost as much as relief: a chiropractor with high levels of certainty. But here’s the rub: being certain is a symptom. If you want to show up more certain, be sure that you don’t confuse cause with effect. In this podcast, learn the most common way certainty is sabotaged and the seven ways of being the will create an immediate uplift in your confidence and certainty. 7:01

Tags: New patients, certain, certainty, confidence, doctor’s orders, imposter, chameleon, doubt, professional boundaries, chiropractic marketing.

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lisa engle:

Right ON! Keep it coming, Bill! LOVED the "you're not enough" line...perfect presentation of that.

Grateful to and for you and your work.

Loved this latest post, thanks Bill.

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