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Dear Bill

Q: I'm in the middle of establishing my Perfect Patients website and preparing to submit my picture. I’m a client of a consulting group that requires, as a result of their "research," that all DC's wear a white coat at the office. Their stance is that it demands respect and says "authority.” I was wondering what your thoughts were... from a patient’s point of view. Do you want your chiropractor in a tie and white coat? Should I take my website picture with my coat?

A: Permission to speak freely? Thank you. You can hijack the social authority given medical doctors by dressing like one, but you’re participating in a deception; a manipulation; a lie. Remember that by the time a patient consults a chiropractor, most have tried the medical model and want something different. My suggestion? Be different! Read the long answer in a chapter entitled Lab Coats and Latex, in my ninth book, Connecting the Dots.

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I wouldn't touch a white lab coat, a patient might confuse me with an MD (white coat hypertention) and it scares the kids (you do adjust kids, don't you?)

Having never worn a white jacket in 21 years of practice, I can't see why I would ever start now! My dentist does not wear one, why would I start now??

My patients often refer to their physical therapists as "doctor" and I have never known a PT in my region to wear anything other than exercise clothes.......

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