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Monday Morning Motivation

“The power that made the body, heals the body.”

Yes. There still isn’t a recorded instance of a doctor (of any ilk) healing a patient. In fact, if the truth were told, no one knows exactly how the body heals. But we do know this: For healing to occur, at least two things must be present.

First, life must be present. Dead bodies do not heal. And generally speaking, young bodies tend to heal faster than older bodies.

Second, connection must be present. End organs must be connected to the brain. And people must be connected to community. Isolation, separation or interference always hinder the healing process.

Careful that you don’t inadvertently sanction the common patient perception that you and your adjustments heal the body. They do not. Nor does the physician’s pills or the surgeon’s knife. Patients will often give you the credit, but accepting it would be stealing.


New Patient Mojo Episode 5

Abstract: One of the most important qualities of new patient attractability is being present in your dealings with patients. If you experience frequent moments of fear or regret, you’re not being present. Discover some of the “shiny objects” that cause many chiropractors to surrender their presence and lose their new patient appeal. 5:22

Tags: New patients, being present, future, past, shiny objects, sacred time, chiropractor marketing


There's a New Sherriff in Town

marketing pixHere’s an easy chiropractic marketing tip: It’s no secret that more and more people are using the Internet to find just about anything. Whether it’s a Medium Remo Buffalo Drum, a natural solution to infant colic or getting your own chiropractic website—you can find it on the Internet. In fact, considering the choices available, it makes the yellow page directory seem insignificant by comparison. (Anybody want to buy a slightly used yellow page directory publishing company?)

First it was blogging. Then social media. And now? Reviews. You’ll want as many patients as possible to review your practice and procedures.

Scary? I know. But realize that a negative review here and there actually increases the validity of the overwhelming number of positive reviews you’re likely to get. Heck, if chiropractic didn’t produce a majority of happy campers, it wouldn’t still be around!

Armed with this knowledge, here’s what I would do…

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Planting Your Flag

plant-flag.jpgNaturally, I believe that there is value in chiropractic patient education as well as chiropractic patient teaching. Education and teaching are the pairs of an afferent/efferent relationship. The purpose of these overtures is to give patients the appropriate meaning and context for your adjustments, the visit frequency you recommend and the expectations they can reasonably expect from their care.

Chiropractors do this every day. And based upon how it is done it can be more or less effective. Some chiropractors want a protocol that they can systematically implement that will consistently produce the patient enlightenment that these chiropractors desire. This linear, mechanistic approach doesn’t work, as many chiropractors have learned. When they make this realization, they respond in one of several ways. The most cynical abdicate their responsibility all together. Their practices degenerate into physical medicine pain relief centers. You can help a lot of people this way and it’s the perfect solution for chiropractors who prefer to avoid any form of conflict or confrontation. But is passes up a tremendous opportunity for creating significance.

If you see yourself as a true chiropracTOR and ascribe to the original orthodox principles of chiropracTIC you have a much more difficult assignment because…

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Monday Morning Motivation

"If patients knew what you knew, they would do what you do."

This one has misled thousands of chiropractors. Repeated at just about every chiropractic gathering at one time or another, this chiroism overlooks the chasm between knowing and doing. In the same way most dental patients know they should regularly floss, but don't, most chiropractic patients know they would benefit from regular, nonsymptomatic chiropractic checkups, but don't.

The truth is, patients do what they do because they believe what they believe.

We all act in ways to remain congruent with what we believe. Thus, doing is a symptom of what you believe. If patients discontinue their care as soon as they feel better, it's because of what they believe, not because of what they know.

If you have any hope of attracting cash-paying families interested in wellness care, you're actually in the belief changing business, not the spine-straightening-curve-restoration-pain-relief business.


New Patient Mojo Episode 6

Abstract: It’s something that new patients crave almost as much as relief: a chiropractor with high levels of certainty. But here’s the rub: being certain is a symptom. If you want to show up more certain, be sure that you don’t confuse cause with effect. In this podcast, learn the most common way certainty is sabotaged and the seven ways of being the will create an immediate uplift in your confidence and certainty. 7:01

Tags: New patients, certain, certainty, confidence, doctor’s orders, imposter, chameleon, doubt, professional boundaries, chiropractic marketing.


Monday Morning Motivation

"Patients don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."

Imagine a patient, surveying your framed chiropractic college diploma on the wall, "So doc, what was your GPA? Did you graduate in the upper, middle or lower third of your class?" Or, "What grade did you get in neuroanatomy?"

Probably hasn't happened. Probably won't. Patients assume that a licensing board has confirmed that you have the smarts to practice. Instead, patients are more attuned to far subtler clues that reveal your intention, confidence and certainty.

How do patients know if you care? By simply observing you and how you show up. Are you a listener? Are you curious? Are you authentic? Are you transparent? Are you interested? Or, are you merely using them to fulfill your own agenda?

Careful! When you care about their health more than they care about their health, burnout is around the corner.


Chiropractic \ /i@gr@

Little blue pillSince I’ve had the same email address for 11 years, I get my share of spam. In fact, I bet I get more than my fair share of spam. Sure, it’s annoying, but since I have a delete button (and use, I see it as merely the cost of being able to communicate electronically without licking a stamp or picking up the phone, all the while creating a permanent record of the communication in the process.

Hey, it’s revolting to me too. However, it’s a growing reality for anyone who uses the Internet. But here’s what clicked for me chiropractically from these subject lines…

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New Patient Mojo Episode 7

Abstract: The number of new patients you get are linked to how attractive you are to current and prospective patients. Some in chiropractic believe that the key to being attractive is to ruffle as few feathers as possible and not rock the boat. This is incorrect. Discover the power of the Law of Repulsion and how to use it to plant your flag and attract your tribe of new patients. 5:18

Keywords: Law of Attraction, New patients, Law of Repulsion, lukewarm, beige, chameleon-like, polar, magnet, planting your flag, salty, spicy, marketing chiropractic

I'm Confused

Looks like a magaine to me...As a student of marketing, I love going through the “junk” mail we get each day. And what caught my eye today was a 32-page magazine flyer called Spotlight Magazine that was sent to all the “Current Occupants” in our area. It’s the Back-To School issue. I bet you get something similar where you live. It’s a collection of ads with barely enough editorial material (largely written by advertisers) to give it the look and feel of a magazine instead of it is, a 32-page advertisement.

Among the house painters, restaurants, plastic surgeons and dentists, were the advertisements of two chiropractors. Nothing earthshaking there. I’ve seen this sort of thing before. But what made this worthy enough to write about was the whiplash-producing differences between the full-page ads of these two chiropractors, separated by a mere five pages of carpet cleaning, roofing and grout restoration ads.

Now, if you’re a regular visitor here, you can imagine how tempting it would be to question the context in which these two chiropractors are advertising. And how your reputation can be enhanced (or diminished, in this case) by the company you keep. But there’s something far more troubling.

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Monday Morning Motivation

"If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you've always gotten."

Dream on! In a static-never-changing world, this might be true. However, these days it's a full time job adapting to the turbulent practice environment. This has made practice disorienting for many.

Assume that everything you know about what patients want, what motivates them and what constitutes success is obsolete. Because it probably is. Especially if you practiced in the 80s and 90s before the Internet, organic produce and today’s climate of limited insurance reimbursement.

The solution? Ask more questions. And then listen as if your livelihood depended on it. Because it does. Rediscover what it's like to be a servant. Rethink the dogmatic "my-way-or-the-highway" that barely worked when there were a seemingly endless supply of new patients (with insurance) waiting in the wings. Become a student again. In times of change, the learning never ends.

What I'm Reading

Start With Why bookNow I see why Dr. Dane Donohue recommended Start With Why by Simon Sinek after reading Monday Morning Motivation on July 12th. The author makes the observation that companies, practices and individuals that lose their way (usually after a great deal of success), do so because they’ve forgotten their WHY. He asserts that people become loyal evangelists for Apple, Lexus, Starbucks and others, not because of the WHAT they do, but because of WHY they do it. Simon introduces what he calls the Golden Circle—three concentric circles with WHY in the center, surrounded by HOW and enclosed by WHAT. If you’ve forgotten WHY you became a chiropractor, and instead have settled for adjusting to make money (WHAT) or becoming a technique junkie (HOW), I would highly recommend this one.


Dear Bill

Q: I'm in the middle of establishing my Perfect Patients website and preparing to submit my picture. I’m a client of a consulting group that requires, as a result of their "research," that all DC's wear a white coat at the office. Their stance is that it demands respect and says "authority.” I was wondering what your thoughts were... from a patient’s point of view. Do you want your chiropractor in a tie and white coat? Should I take my website picture with my coat?

A: Permission to speak freely? Thank you. You can hijack the social authority given medical doctors by dressing like one, but you’re participating in a deception; a manipulation; a lie. Remember that by the time a patient consults a chiropractor, most have tried the medical model and want something different. My suggestion? Be different! Read the long answer in a chapter entitled Lab Coats and Latex, in my ninth book, Connecting the Dots.

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