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Monday Morning Motivation

"We address the cause, not the symptom."

Many chiropractors believe that subluxations are the cause of a host of health issues. They probably are. However, upon closer inspection it appears that subluxations are actually symptoms themselves!

At its most fundamental, subluxations involve bones and nerves. Bones, being static structures, move only when muscles contract. Muscles contract based on commands from the nervous system. Thus, notwithstanding the effects of physical trauma, the vertebral displacement often used to ascertain the presence of subluxation is actually a neurological event!

What prompts the nervous system to command muscles to contract? Most chiropractors agree that it is an attempt to accommodate physical, chemical or (probably more commonly) emotional stress.

Address the cause of the cause. Help patients become present to, and reduce, the emotional stress they face. Messy? Yes. Complicated? Of course. But this is where true healing and lasting spinal changes can be found.

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Hunter Owen:

There also has to be appreciation for the imbalance due to structural discrepancies between two sides, ie short leg producing pelvic imbalance, with or without muscle/neuro/emotional involvement.
If you have a leg that is genetically 10mm shorter than the other, it doesn't matter what the nerves/muscles/emotional side is doing, only gravity.

Samuel Cooper:

This has truth, but is even more over simplified than D.D. Palmer: you seem to agree with Palmer when he said subluxation is due to imbalances chemical, structural and autosuggestion, and then suggest all the causes are autosuggestive, or emotional. I do my share of Neuro Emotional Technique but also recognize the importance of the other two sides of the triad.

Adam Bletsoe:

Amen! Don't I know that's true... and Bill, you know that I've gotten involved in the messy complicated effort to help with the cause of the cause... I'll let you know when I've mastered it.
Thanks for putting it so simply. That helped me see what I already knew.
Adam Bletsoe
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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