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Monday Morning Motivation

Forgive everyone for everything.

Probably little else produces such negative health effects as an unwillingness to forgive others. Our so-called "justified resentments" cause untold suffering. Like drinking poison, hoping it will hurt someone else, our self-righteous indignation does little more than to remind us how powerless we are over others.

This week forgive patients who choose to ignore your recommendations or behave in ways that sabotage their health and longevity.

This week forgive staff members who underperform or reveal their humanity by their limitations or lack of training.

This week forgive family members for their habits, lack of support or the misuse of their power or trust.

This week forgive yourself for falling short of the mark, passing judgment on others and creating, and then drinking, the poison of unforgiveness.

In other words, forgive everyone for everything. Because true success is actually a shedding process, not an acquiring process.

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John Jarolimek:


Thank you for the timely reminder and refreshing, wonderful perspective! My family will be moving into a much smaller house this month, and we're in the process of going through and getting rid of stuff--a daunting task. Your words are so encouraging-thank you!

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