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New Patient Mojo Episode 1

Abstract: Why do you want more new patients? It seems like a crazy question, but it may be one of the most important you can ask yourself. Your motive and intent can often reveal one of the most common blockages to getting new patients. 3:38

Tags: intent, intention, heart, motive, spirtually, physically, reasons, harvesting new patients, chiropractic marketing

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Excellent linguistic abilities Bill!! How do you do it?
I'm just finding these for the first time & yet I notice U posted it in April. Did I miss an announcement/email of sorts telling us that U had prepared such gems or am I delinquent somehow?
Anyway, please keep it coming.
PS: Who is WDE (precedes what I assume is an answer to the posting above)?

WDE: My initials

NP Mojo. Love it. How do you make the transition from Me reasons to You reasons?

WDE: First step is awareness. Second is appreciate how Me reasons interfere with acquiring new patients. Third is to change your self-talk--the subject of Episode 2.

Michael Shreeve:

Years ago we had James W,. Parker who shared "Money is a by-product of services rendered." I believe this is another way to point out that we must give first with right thought and action. Others first as you say or the "you reasons" Thanks for keeping us on track!

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