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Monday Morning Motivation

One thing that makes fast food unhealthy is that it's rarely made with love. That's one reason family meals are so much better for us. There's love in the food.

Is there love in your adjustments? Or maybe you offer the...

Hurry-up-I-have-a-busy-reception-room adjustment.
I'm-in-the-zone-so-don't-bother-me-with-a-question adjustment.
Lie-down-I-don't-care-about-your-symptoms adjustment.
I'm-preoccupied-with-how-poorly-my-practice-is-going adjustment.
Are-you-doing-what-I-told-you-to-do adjustment.

These share a striking similarity to the energy exuded by the minimum wage high schooler who is resentful of having to flip burgers, too cool to be selling tacos or merely watching the clock at the fried chicken joint. It's edible, but the food is missing a key ingredient for maximum nutrition: love.

Same in your practice. Don't overlook the energetics that accompany your adjustment. Be 100% present. Visualize new possibilities for each patient. Deliver each adjustment with a generous dollop of love. Only when you make it about them and their dreams, will your dreams come true.

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As always, I'm intrigued and energized by what you share, Bill. As you know, I'm a long-time regular reader. I loved your podcast about "why do you want more new patients?" I'm committed to creating a world where everyone makes a difference through their work... as a speaker, a business and career coach, I weave that theme through everything I do. So to hear you so plainly connect the dots between this mission (make a difference) and successful results (make a living) is so refreshing! Thank you for your message and the tools that help your clients (and fans--like me!) remember our priorities. Thanks, too, for the book recommendation. I've added "Rework" to my reading list.


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