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Monday Morning Motivation

A chiropractor going through a rough patch rarely wakes up with the revelation, "I know! The reason my practice is struggling is because I don't fully understand chiropractic. I've been practicing chiropractic medicine! No wonder patients leave when they feel better!"

If you're "treating" subluxations in your "treatment" rooms or you're ignoring the potential whole-body neurological effects of aberrant spinal biomechanics as you improve spinal function, you probably have a voracious appetite for new patients. Just like medical doctors. With one critical distinction: patients go to medical practitioners first.

This week, vow to explain to every patient that subluxation is a response to physical, chemical and emotional stress. This week, avoid the temptation to treat subluxations in favor of enhancing the patient's ability to self-heal, trusting the body to take care of the rest. It may be a subtle difference, but it will make all the difference in the world.

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Let's take this idea one step farther. How about if each of us take a collegue(or 3) out to lunch this month and spred this message. Then we can multiple it's effect.
PS. I attended The Conversation in November of 2009. I have what I consider to be a good practice. I had my largest month ever in March! If you don't quite understand what Bill is saying get to The Conversation ASAP!

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