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Meet Tommy

What assumptions have you made?I co-exist with four cats. If it were my choice, our home would be cat-free. (Hang in there, this has profound implications for your practice.)

Four months ago, we moved the place where these cats were accustomed to being fed. All the cats, except one, continue going to the former location looking for food.

If this sounds like the parable of the mice in Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson, it’s because it is. Except with one distinction: one of the four cats adapted far more quickly to the new food arrangements than the others.

So, if you’re feeling a bit disoriented because of the practice environment has changed, and things that used to work no longer do, you’d want to know more about Tommy.

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Monday Morning Motivation

A chiropractor going through a rough patch rarely wakes up with the revelation, "I know! The reason my practice is struggling is because I don't fully understand chiropractic. I've been practicing chiropractic medicine! No wonder patients leave when they feel better!"

If you're "treating" subluxations in your "treatment" rooms or you're ignoring the potential whole-body neurological effects of aberrant spinal biomechanics as you improve spinal function, you probably have a voracious appetite for new patients. Just like medical doctors. With one critical distinction: patients go to medical practitioners first.

This week, vow to explain to every patient that subluxation is a response to physical, chemical and emotional stress. This week, avoid the temptation to treat subluxations in favor of enhancing the patient's ability to self-heal, trusting the body to take care of the rest. It may be a subtle difference, but it will make all the difference in the world.


Can You Hear It?

so called health care reformIs it just my own deafness, or is there a crushing silence about the impact of the health care reform bill on chiropractors that was recently pushed through Congress?

By now, you’d think that supporters of the legislation within chiropractic would be crowing from the rooftops about how the government “saved” chiropractic by extending chiropractic benefits to millions. Similarly, by now you’d think that detractors of this new burdensome entitlement would extol the benefits of being excluded from it, celebrating the freedom to practice true chiropractic without Uncle Sam looking over their shoulder.

But we’ve heard nothing.



Monday Morning Motivation

Do you frequently lie to yourself, ignoring inconvenient contradictions or continuing to do what no longer works?

Those who lie to themselves are especially prone to believing the lies of others. This can manifest in imagining that you can buy a shortcut to success. Or that getting new patients is merely a scripting or procedural exercise. Or that you can buy discipline.

If your practice isn't growing, it isn't for the lack of ideas. You could probably list a dozen things that you could do, should do or have done (but stopped doing) that would most certainly grow your practice. But you're not doing them.

Because it's the who, not the do.

Give up the fear of patients abandoning you. Shed your need to be liked. Meet and tell your chiropractic story to as many strangers as possible. Become curious about what others believe. Tell the truth--to patients and yourself.


What I'm Reading

Rework Book ImageOne of the great things about publishing a blog is that from time to time someone else reads it. And some of them leave a comment. (Thank you!) Some know that I’m a voracious reader and are compelled to send recommendations my way. That was the case of this one entitled Rework by Jason Fried and David Hansson. They’re Chicago software developers. Their website proclaims that they are committed to building “the best web-based software products possible with the least number of features necessary. Our products do less than the competition — intentionally.”

Each essay, no more than two pages long, tackles a key concept of growing a business—regardless of the industry you’re in. Here are the titles of a few of these pithy essays: Planning is Guessing, Interruption is the Enemy of Productivity, Long Lists Don’t Get Done, Don’t Copy, Out-teach Your Competition, How to Say You’re Sorry and dozens others. As my favorite author Seth Godwin says on the cover, “Ignore this book at your own peril.” Thanks Dr. Zail Khalsa!


Monday Morning Motivation

If there was something that you could say or do that would cause a patient to place a higher value on their health, it would be common knowledge by now.

It doesn't exist.

Yet, every day there are people who change their diet, begin regular exercise programs, stop smoking, give up alcohol, swear off meat or dairy, start flossing, begin training for a marathon and on and on. Was it because someone nagged them? Unlikely. Lasting health habits are internally directed, and like healing, come from the inside out.

Something inspired them. Something made them angry or disgusted enough to act. They wanted something badly enough to do the work. They hit bottom and resolved to climb out.

The point? They wanted it. You can want it for someone else, but ultimately, they have to want it for themselves. How do you help them want it?



New Patient Mojo Podcasts

Getting new patients seems to be one of the more popular topics within chiropractic. However, by the looks of the trophy case of inactive patient files in most chiropractors’ practices, it’s rarely a new patient getting problem—it’s a new patient keeping problem!

No matter.

Are you a chiropractor who wanted a practice—and ended up with a small business? With the same challenge other small businesses face: new customer acquisition? Then, you’re in the right place! Each installment of the New Patient Mojo Podcast will supply you with the headspace and action steps you’ll need to solve your new patient problem permanently.

Listen. And share your comments.

New Patient Mojo Episode 1

Abstract: Why do you want more new patients? It seems like a crazy question, but it may be one of the most important you can ask yourself. Your motive and intent can often reveal one of the most common blockages to getting new patients. 3:38

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Monday Morning Motivation

One thing that makes fast food unhealthy is that it's rarely made with love. That's one reason family meals are so much better for us. There's love in the food.

Is there love in your adjustments? Or maybe you offer the...

Hurry-up-I-have-a-busy-reception-room adjustment.
I'm-in-the-zone-so-don't-bother-me-with-a-question adjustment.
Lie-down-I-don't-care-about-your-symptoms adjustment.
I'm-preoccupied-with-how-poorly-my-practice-is-going adjustment.
Are-you-doing-what-I-told-you-to-do adjustment.

These share a striking similarity to the energy exuded by the minimum wage high schooler who is resentful of having to flip burgers, too cool to be selling tacos or merely watching the clock at the fried chicken joint. It's edible, but the food is missing a key ingredient for maximum nutrition: love.

Same in your practice. Don't overlook the energetics that accompany your adjustment. Be 100% present. Visualize new possibilities for each patient. Deliver each adjustment with a generous dollop of love. Only when you make it about them and their dreams, will your dreams come true.

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