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Monday Morning Motivation

Do you feed vampires?

A "vampire" is a pejorative used by some chiropractors to describe certain high-maintenance, energy-draining patients. And while labeling others in this way is unwise, it's especially unbecoming if you'd like to see yourself as a facilitator or healer. Or want to become one.

What chiropractors who use this term are actually saying is, "I have such poor personal boundaries, I allow certain patients to affect me in unhealthy ways. I am so dependent on people liking me that I find myself saying and doing things that I shouldn't and I'm resentful for not being true to myself."

Yes, there are people who need your acceptance more than others. And there are those who are less certain and more fearful than you. That's why they consult you! Make sure that your reaction, which is the one thing you can control, doesn't reveal your own fears and uncertainties.

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Bill I agree with many of your opinions but on this I would disagree with you.
THEIR ARE A FEW VERY FEW patients you should refer to another DC. For some reason you will never work well together and no matter how great your skill and compassion levels are, all of your attempts will be failures. But their are many with whom your first impressions and feeling are negative that if you are willing to put in the effort may become excellent life time patients. In some rare cases it may be better for both yours and their health to send them elsewhere. Remember Dr. Jim Parker taught never let the negative few, overcome the positive many.

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