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Monday Morning Motivation

It's the who, not the do.

Thinking that doing this or saying that will produce new patients is a linear, mechanistic notion that doesn't properly reflect how a practice grows. Imagining that implementing a technique or procedure will produce new patients is actually manipulative and self-serving.

Begin by clarifying why you desire new patients. Is it to help others? Or to help yourself?

If your interest in new patients is to generate income, reach a goal, pay your bills or even fill gaps in your schedule, chances are new patients remain elusive. If, on the other hand, new patients mean new opportunities to serve, introduce the truth, save others from risky drugs or irreversible surgery, new patients manifest more easily.

Prospective new patients see your heart. They detect your motives. Start there. Because all things being equal, getting new patients is more about who you are, than what you do.

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Good Morning Bill:

I don't normally voice my opinion or share my thoughts on Chiropractic with my own colleagues, however I had to this time.

I like this article and I enjoy your weekly motivational topics. I can't agree more on this weeks topic about clarifying why you are in practice. "Is it to serve others or serve yourself"? A successful practice begins in your heart, once you show your patients how much you care they will return the feeling by referring their loved ones to you. Its that easy put the patient first even if that means referring them to someone who will help them more than you can.

From both a personal and professional experience I can't believe how much I have grown in all aspects from just one application! Thoughts create things, visually see yourself serving others, share the Chiropractic story and watch what happens. If its new patients you want just try it! I dare you!

Last week I had to turn away 4 new patients in just one day, they were walk-ins, I just couldn't provide the appropriate care for new patients that day, we were slammed. Believe me I hate turning patients away but at least they were referred to another Chiropractor.

All I know for the 16 years that I have been in practice the last 2 years have been the most rewarding. It has taken me 14 of those years to realize that I am a servant to my patients! Let me tell you it has been the greatest ride of my career.

Put your patients first and learn to serve others and you will have a practice of your dreams!

Chiropractic is the best profession in the world! You have a duty to share it with others!


Dr. Mark Plotnikoff
Calgary, Canada

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