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Monday Morning Motivation

True success is about raising your standards. Settling, tolerating and accepting the status quo are treading-water strategies of the average; the mediocre.

Raise your physical standards. Shed the extra 10 pounds. Get to bed earlier. Wake 15 minutes sooner. Exercise five minutes longer. Get to the office 30 minutes earlier. Plan next year's vacations.

Raise your intellectual standards. Shun all commercial radio, television and newspapers. Read the books you've neglected. Journal. Relisten to those motivational tapes.

Raise your emotional standards. Stop all gossip. Drive the speed limit. Say, "I love you" to three people today. Introduce yourself to a stranger. Let someone else to be right.

Raise your spiritual standards. Worship. Fast. Express your gratitude. Forgive others. Forgive yourself. Conduct random acts of kindness. Secretly give money to someone in need.

As you hold yourself to higher standards, the new you attracts a new set of people, things and circumstances!

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Julie Seymour:

My goodness! Have you and Peter Kevorkian been somehow peering into my very mind & soul? Message received! Thanks.

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