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Monday Morning Motivation

Chiropractic supports a multitude of practice management and consulting firms. Before you purchase these services, clarify what you actually need.

Consultant. Don't have a paperwork system? Need help with patient flow or office layout? Don't know what you don't know? You may need a practice consultant.

Coach. Do you lack discipline? Do you know what to do, but need someone to nag you to take courageous action steps? You probably need a coach.

Accountability partner. If you want to use peer pressure to motivate action, perhaps something as simple as a monthly breakfast meeting with a local colleague or mastermind group will do the job.

Mentor. This is someone who holds similar values as you and is living them in a way that you aspire to express yourself. Their association with or knowledge of chiropractic may not be essential.

Don't buy a hammer if what you need is a wrench!

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Dr. John Bueler:

Brilliant as usual. This wisdom can be applied in any area of life in which you wish to excel. Thank you!

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