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Monday Morning Motivation

The tendency to strive for perfection constrains far too many of us. Whether waiting for the perfect staff member, waiting for the perfect circumstances, waiting for just the right time to have a difficult conversation or waiting for a clear sign before making an overdue change. When you're burdened with perfectionism there tends to be a lot of waiting.

However, success favors action, not perfection.

Software is routinely shipped with bugs. Cars are sold with minor defects. The best surgeons make occasional mistakes. And virtually every parent wishes for a "do over" from time to time. When you aim for excellence instead of perfection, you're in action, striving for improvement. Next time.

Ready? Fire! Aim. Actualization is better than intention. And even the smallest step taken in faith is better than a well planned leap never taken. Act! You can fix it, improve it, refine it and move towards excellence later.

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I really wish that I didn't relate, but I do. Lifelong an issue, recovery from the need to be perfect has been long and slow.

It does feel really good to become aware of it and eventually get beyond it, even in small ways in only some areas of life.

Thanks for another great thought, well said.


Tony Russo:

Right on Bill, damn it. Right on. We can all due with some more action and some less thinking. Do = Done...Think = Ah, er, let me see.

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