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Monday Morning Motivation

At a recent chiropractic gathering I was given a book. "My wife wrote this after she was inspired by one of your Monday Morning Motivations. She talks about what happened in the book."

I confess that later, I skimmed the book looking for my name. Twice. But didn't find it. This reminded me that we all wish to be acknowledged. Recognized. Valued. Affirmed.

The busiest practitioners are good at this. "I was delighted to see your name on the appointment book today." "Has anyone told you how nice you look in blue?" "Have you lost some weight?" "Are those new shoes?"

The more you make the experience about them, the more attractive you become. Look for ways to authentically express your gratitude, show your appreciation and recognize the uniqueness of each person you serve. Notice better results and more referrals by being less of a coach and more of cheerleader.

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Paul Early:

Hey Mr. Esteb,

I am Paul Early, DC student at Life Univ. It appears that in our closing quarters in our Advanced Case Topics class we have chosen to review and discuss literature that primarily you've written.
I want to say that I always appreciated hearing you talk, and the business class I had with you gave me definite motivation.
I figured I might let you know about this, since 4/5 articles were your topics, and that you might want to know what DC students finishing up their school careers are discussing.

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Why we can't get along

That unity thing

The chiropractic profession

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