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Monday Morning Motivation

Do you have a Plan B?

When practice becomes more challenging than you're accustomed, it's tempting to work up a Plan B in case things go south. Teaching positions. Consulting. Working for a relative. Even changing careers.

At first glance, this sort of thinking is justified as being prepared, resourceful, a good planner or just being wise. It is not. When you "hedge your bet" in this way it's actually a vote against yourself. In fact, knowing that you have an alternative plan prevents some from fully investing in their practice; pulling back and withholding just enough to produce the very circumstances they were worried might happen in the first place.

Burn your ships in the harbor! Close off the escape path! Become completely engaged! Patients, and especially staff members, can tell when you aren't. And they rightfully conclude that if you're not going to fully commit, why should they?

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I am unsure if Bill was speaking to people who are wanting to leave the profession, or one's who have other goals in mind other then serving people through chiropractic.

If people want to change with the times, as they see it, go all in. If they want to stay with the same old, do it with gusto.

Looking back at over 100 years of chiropractic, you have me wondering where you think the chiropractic adjustment is heading? Where has it gone wrong? How has it been improved to the point where it no longer needs to be delivered? Robots maybe?

The biggest issue I see with people who are not loving chiropractic and being a chiropractor are those who have not given it their best shot.

Chiropractic is not a fad that changes with the times. It is not in need of upgrades, more computers, more technology. That is what makes us disconnected to the people who need us most, and puts us in a Cogs vs. Sprockets category. Chiropractic is a category unto itself. Health from within.

I'll hedge my bets on myself, stay focused on my practice, it's members, and my family. I'll let the spinal decompression, pumps, and latest fads fall by the wayside.

If you want to be successful as a chiropractor, having an alternative plan (aka a plan just in case you fail, or feel like you're failing) is only a distraction that will guarantee your worst fears.

Tony Russo:

True Bill,
But I disagree. I disagree in the sense that, what if one is on their next step in their career. And again, what if they have a finger on the pulse and see in which direction the dynamics of this profession are headed. I understand where you're coming from, but I disagree on the sweeping nature of your comment.

Todd Halowski:

An old Swiss saying describes such indecision in the following words:

With one foot in,
with one foot out,
You can't be in,
you can't be out—
Not warm, not cold,
not square, not round,
More poor than poor
and always bound.
For such a man
will never know
Where to begin
or where to go.

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