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Monday Morning Motivation

Do you have a Plan B?

When practice becomes more challenging than you're accustomed, it's tempting to work up a Plan B in case things go south. Teaching positions. Consulting. Working for a relative. Even changing careers.

At first glance, this sort of thinking is justified as being prepared, resourceful, a good planner or just being wise. It is not. When you "hedge your bet" in this way it's actually a vote against yourself. In fact, knowing that you have an alternative plan prevents some from fully investing in their practice; pulling back and withholding just enough to produce the very circumstances they were worried might happen in the first place.

Burn your ships in the harbor! Close off the escape path! Become completely engaged! Patients, and especially staff members, can tell when you aren't. And they rightfully conclude that if you're not going to fully commit, why should they?


Report of Findings That Rock!

report-of-findings-pixThis is a great time to reinvent the way you deliver your patient reports. All too often a chiropractor’s report of findings becomes habitual, rote and repetitive. Like any other type of autopilot communication, it diminishes the impact of your words. Resolving to rethink the way you present your findings can introduce a new level of connection and patient influence.

The chiropractic report of findings I’ve witnessed or listened to as recordings almost always offer up too much information. What many chiropractors forget is that it’s often not what you say, it’s your enthusiasm, certainty, hope and emotional subtext that patients find convincing. Not the phases, millimeters and disc spacing.

Here are a couple of considerations (from a patient’s point of view) to keep in mind as you simplify, shorten and remove the sales overtures of your report of findings:

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Monday Morning Motivation

Whom do you try to avoid? An ex-employee? An estranged relative? An ex-associate? An especially demanding patient? An ex-boss? Someone you just can't stand being around?

You have allowed that person to imprison you.

It looks as if you're in control, orchestrating your life so you won't encounter them, expending massive amounts of energy in the process. Instead of being at ease, you're on guard. Instead of fully living, you find yourself continually defensive; on the lookout.

Eliminate this kryptonite from your life. It's based on the lie that this person "does" something to you. When in fact, whatever your reaction is, you do it to yourself. You create the uncomfortableness. You create the feelings of inferiority. You create the sense of dread. Or resentment.

If the person who is the source of all this angst lacks positive qualities (unlikely) then at least chose to become indifferent and lose the shackles.


Monday Morning Motivation

At a recent chiropractic gathering I was given a book. "My wife wrote this after she was inspired by one of your Monday Morning Motivations. She talks about what happened in the book."

I confess that later, I skimmed the book looking for my name. Twice. But didn't find it. This reminded me that we all wish to be acknowledged. Recognized. Valued. Affirmed.

The busiest practitioners are good at this. "I was delighted to see your name on the appointment book today." "Has anyone told you how nice you look in blue?" "Have you lost some weight?" "Are those new shoes?"

The more you make the experience about them, the more attractive you become. Look for ways to authentically express your gratitude, show your appreciation and recognize the uniqueness of each person you serve. Notice better results and more referrals by being less of a coach and more of cheerleader.


Sowing and Reaping

sowing-imageHad a great time presenting at the Indianapolis EPOC last night. (Thank you Drs. Nate and Cory Blume!) EPOC stands for EpiCenter Of Chiropractic. These are gatherings of chiropractors interested in advancing the philosophy of chiropractic, the success of chiropractors and the unity of the profession.

Sometime, either during or after my presentation, I was asked, “What separates those who are successful at spinal screenings from those who aren’t?”

Apparently, this question was prompted by my assertion that if a chiropractor doesn’t get out of his or her office and tell the chiropractic story to as many strangers as possible, he or she should only expect a meager number of new patients to show up, and those who do, mostly for headaches, backaches and neuromuscular-skeletal complaints.

“I think it depends on whether the chiropractor is conducting the outreach event as a sower or a reaper,” I answered.

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Monday Morning Motivation

The tendency to strive for perfection constrains far too many of us. Whether waiting for the perfect staff member, waiting for the perfect circumstances, waiting for just the right time to have a difficult conversation or waiting for a clear sign before making an overdue change. When you're burdened with perfectionism there tends to be a lot of waiting.

However, success favors action, not perfection.

Software is routinely shipped with bugs. Cars are sold with minor defects. The best surgeons make occasional mistakes. And virtually every parent wishes for a "do over" from time to time. When you aim for excellence instead of perfection, you're in action, striving for improvement. Next time.

Ready? Fire! Aim. Actualization is better than intention. And even the smallest step taken in faith is better than a well planned leap never taken. Act! You can fix it, improve it, refine it and move towards excellence later.


The Doing of Chiropractic

doing-chiropractic.jpgIf you’ve been seduced by the widespread belief among many chiropractors that your purpose is to adjust patients, you’ve reduced yourself from a human being to a human doing. A meat computer. A carbon-based pneumatic device.

Your purpose isn’t to adjust patients. More likely, adjusting patients helps advance your purpose.

True, delivering adjustments, the “doing” of chiropractic, can be performed as a mere physical maneuver; a linear, biomechanical intervention. And often is. Even devoid of the principles of chiropractic and the intent of reconnecting “man the physical with man the spiritual,” chiropractic can still deliver results appreciated by patients.

Those who write off chiropractic philosophy as weird, unscientific and the dated rantings of Palmer cultists, fail to see that the metaphysics of chiropractic have been largely hijacked by the Chopra’s, Weil’s, Dyer’s and similar multi-millionaires. What mechanists are left with is the spinal therapy of chiropractic medicine.

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