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Monday Morning Motivation

"Don't accept candy from a stranger."

Great advice if you're six years old. But if a fear of strangers lingers into adulthood, as it does for many, your practice is likely suffering.

Reduced to its most basic, new patients come from telling the chiropractic story to as many strangers as possible. So, if you're afraid or uncomfortable around strangers (or don't encounter many), are unclear what chiropractic is or believe great results alone should produce appreciative patients who refer others, then you're probably not helping as many people as you could.

But an underperforming practice pales in comparison to the isolation and separation you feel. This week, turn this around by seeking out opportunities to introduce yourself to strangers. They will appreciate your gesture and who knows what could develop?

Oh, but be careful. They may have their own stranger issues. After all, to a stranger, you're the stranger!

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Bryan Siegel, DC:

An interesting society we live in as well as our cultural norms that we have established. Seems like talking to strangers and introducing ourselves suggests... desperation or something along that level. Thanks for helping us detach from the outcome Bill!

Tony Russo:

Merry Christmas Bill,
Your message started out slowly and I was about to abandon the progect 'til I got to the next...sentence. Again, very profound statement. How many Offices think that all they have to do is, "a good job" and people's appreciation will flood new (strange) patients to your reception desk just waiting for the privilege of being touched by the hands of God...I mean, "you". I once had that illusion. And don't you go challenging my illusions.
But experience has born out quite a different conviction. We indeed have very little control over what a patient does. Apply Bill's common sense suggestions and the burdens we carry in the daily operations just may be lightened somewhat. Great insight. Right on target, again.

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