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Monday Morning Motivation

M st patients think chir pract rs are back d ct rs. Certainly, the spine is the p int f access. Yet, few think f medical d ct rs as m uth d ct rs because the prescripti n enters the b dy thr ugh the m uth!

C rrecting this c mm n misc ncepti n ab ut chir practic is crucial if y u have any h pe f patients embracing a larger r le in their lives f r chir practic than a rudimentary and natural f rm f pain relief.

Making chir practic ab ut the integrity f their nerv us system is a nice start. And while the
sp ken w rd is c nvenient, even free, y u generally get what y u pay f r. Y u may find that putting y ur chir practic st ry in writing, maybe even as a hand ut can have greater impact.

Write up y ur explanati n (that's the m st imp rtant part) and then use y ur w rd pr cess r t do a find and replace nd substitute spaces f r a vowel r two like this. It c uld help c mmunicate the c ncept f nerve interference nicely.

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Once again you are the communcation master. Thanks for the cerebral stretch!

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