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F. E. A. R.

health-care-bill.jpgThe 1990 pages of the health care reform bill, referred to as "Affordable Health Care for America Act" (which is certain not to be affordable or offer true health care) is less than spellbinding reading. I’m guessing most legislation isn’t. This may be why our elected officials haven’t even read many bills recently signed into law.

I skimmed the document. The word “chiropractic” appears once (page 1645) alongside dozens of other practitioners who are defined as a “health profession” eligible for helping Indians and Urban Indians. Seems that the Secretary of Health and Human Services and the new Health Choices Commissioner have a lot of discretionary power. Among them is to establish a program to provide grants to eligible entities (pharmacists) to implement medication management services—that, oh by the way, include dietary supplements (page 1415).

I was delighted to see that wellness plans are included (page 62) but capped at no more than a token $150 per year. Huh? And alarmed that grants (page 1391) will be available to carry out demonstration programs designed to test the feasibility of using our nation’s elementary and secondary schools as so-called “voluntary” influenza vaccination centers. Hmmm.

The best way to get people to surrender their freedom for security is to create a climate of fear. Can’t help but wonder if the current H1N1 folly is somehow related to this overture to first hijack, and then control, what can and can’t be done in the name of health care. Granted, a lot can happen between now and the presidential signature. Let’s hope that exposing this monstrosity on the Internet will hasten its rejection.

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Amen Dr. Krauza! I couldn't agree more that we as a profession once free of the 3rd party system will flourish if we keep our original paradigm.

The best thing for chiropractic will be for us to be left out of any national health care plan. It will be a bitter pill to swallow at first, but I believe our profession could truly flourish outside the 3rd party paradigm.

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