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Monday Morning Motivation

Law of Reality

Remember the lyric from the 1980s song, "I fought the law, but the law won." Same thing with reality. What is, is. It won't be argued with and it always wins.

Most suffering comes from attempting to deny, ignore, dispute or resist reality. Reality always comes out on top. What is real for you?

Take an inventory of your resources, whether it's your time, talent and experience or your health, perseverance or sense of humor.

Take an inventory of your debts, whether they're financial, psychological, relational, poor health or poor character judgment.

Take an inventory of your assumptions, whether it's your beliefs about patients, your support team, the economy or the future.

Take an inventory of your habits, both the constructive and the destructive ones.

That's your reality. Since past performance is the best predictor of the future, if you want a different future, change the only thing you can: you.

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Tony Russo:

"I Fought the Law" - more like the 1950"s. 1959 to be exact. Very thought inspiring point of view, though. What is reality, but agreement. What a trick it would be if you can get all the people to agree with your reality. You just might have a movement on your hands. My reality, "Appreciate every patient that walks in this Office". Because, figuratively speaking...or actually speaking, that patient drove by 15 Chiropractic Offices to get to yours. So if your reality is appreciation for their having come to your Office, then you will get more patient to appreciate for coming into your Office.
Try it.

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